May 21, 2011

Dance 'til You're Dead...

Heads Will Roll.

Morbid? Maybe. But considering the recent Glee invasion in the SPH, it's nothing short of appropriate, I think.

Sassy had her dance recital a couple of weekends back. I am going to cover dress rehearsal pics, recital pics, and videos all in one post. Phew.

I was a bit nervous about the dress rehearsal, considering it was the evening of garage sale: day 1 AND Sassy's zoo field trip. Luckily, everything worked out and Sassy arrived on time, makeup done, and ready to rehearse.

Miss Tammy helped the girls get their marks all figured out on stage...

For Sassy's second number, her focus was a little wishy-washy. Case in point:

Let's hope she saves that one for rehearsal only...

Yeah, she's actually rolling her eyes in this one. HA!

After a valiant effort at the end of a long day, Tyler and Tink met us up at Jose Peppers for a celebratory dinner, just the four of us. It was the perfect ending to a very busy day!

Saturday, after spending nearly eight hours at the garage sale (by just after noon), it was time to take a break and get Sassy ready for her recital. I promised her I would curl her hair fancy, even though I was confident it would fall almost entirely before we arrived in Andover. I started her makeup and Nana came over to help put the finishing touches on...

Yep, she looked pretty cute!

The dressing room is always entertaining. Nothing like a bunch of little divas getting ready. Sassy could barely be bothered with my picture taking with all her puzzles that needed to be put together and coloring sheets that needed to be colored. You know.

Sassy's classmates from her rhythm & imagination class gathered to take some pictures before the performance. Sassy happened to have her other number first, hence the different costume. This was about as good as it gets. They were all so darn cute!

Unless you like the alternative better, in which case...

The performances were adorable! Look at my little ballerina and that form. HA! The first number {predance} was Put on a Happy Face from Bye Bye Birdie.

And, of course, the video- for your viewing pleasure:

The second number {rhythm & imagination} was Birds on A Wire from For the Birds, the short at the beginning of Monster's Inc. Sassy was the troublemaker bird, and she had a tiny solo during the dance and was the only orange bird!

And, the video:

Afterwards, the girls were ecstatic to get their flowers and celebrate with their friends and family. Another successful recital in the books.

Look out world Andover Dance Magic... Tink's enrolling in the fall!

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Rachel said...

O..M..G..I think that was the cutest post EVER! They are all little dolls :)

Kendra said...

SO cute!!! I can not get over the one of her rolling her eyes!!!!!