May 9, 2011

Easter... Revisited.

Things I want to blog about/share pictures of:

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and more, I'm sure...


I told you lovelies we've been busy!

But, for now, let's finish Easter, shall we?

So, the girls enjoyed dressing up, attending church, and diving into their Easter baskets. Once that was over, they played outside until the rest of the family began to arrive from various places in Minnesota and Iowa. It was a gorgeous day, and we enjoyed sitting out on the deck, catching some sunshine, and catching up.

After a while, Ty took the girls to a park along with Uncle Adam and uncle Ryan. By some sort of miracle, I convinced Ty to take the camera a long and snap a few pictures. After seeing them, it looks like they had a pretty nice time!

I promised Ty's gram I would get a picture of her "three boys"...

Oh, and Ty and I took one of our famous "self-portraits". See, I never stay dressed up for very long. HA!

One of the things the girls found in their Easter baskets was a bug kit. So, Uncle Adam had Tink out hunting for bugs in no time. I felt a little sorry for the poor critters. More like a bug torture kit, if you ask me...

After dinner, ti was on to the final backyard egg hunt. This time, the girls were hunting for eggs filled with organic fruit snacks and princess squinkies. Fun times!

I absolutely ♥ this picture of Sassy. She is such a pretty little girl. In this picture, she reminds me of her Auntie Kaitlin. Must be the combination of day-glo clothing and 80's inspired apparel. I don't know...

The girls had a great time hunting for the rest of the eggs. We made their search a bit more difficult this time around, and it was fun to watch them scurry around the backyard on a mission!

I made sure to spend some time with Sir Charles, as well...

See, this trip to Minnesota marked an important journey for Charlie Brown. Our sweet brown boy stayed north as we woke up in the wee hours of the morn to head back to Kansas.

It was something that Tyler and I talked about quite a bit. Adam (Ty's brother) really wanted a great dog, and we came to the decision that Charlie would be better off getting endless attention from him than he did with us. I know not everyone will agree with our decision, but we felt as though we made it as a selfless one.

Don;t worry, Bumper is faring well at home. He's surely lonely without the only brother he has ever known, but we are giving him some extra love right now. He has some exciting things on the horizon, as well! ♥

Charlie is loving his new giant backyard and markedly cooler weather. But oh, do I miss him...

2 sweet tweets:

stephanie said...

i LOVE your youngest daughters pigtail right on the front of her head! i can;t wait till my little birdies hair is long enough for that! seems like your easter was just lovely!!! and yeah i wish i had that many things lined up to blog about!!!

Kendra said...

Selfless indeed. It sounds like the right choice for EVERYONE in your family, including Charlie =)