May 2, 2011

Easter Morning: Short & Sweet

How did I get so behind on blogging... again?!? Oh, that's right. It's May.

Which, by the way, means I am Mommy to a FIVE-year-old. In case you were wondering. More on that later.

So, back to Easter. We had a really nice day! The girls were excited to wear their pretty outfits and their gorgeous hair accessories from JillyBean Designs.

Tink's outfit was from a huge Janie & Jack summer sale in Chicago- part of the Spring Celebration line. Sassy's dress & cardigan were from Target.

The girls looked so pretty, all dressed up.

This is about as close to a family picture as we get these days!

Sassy & her awesome headband:

She was cracking me up with her faces- I love the one where she looks like a little china doll...

After church, we headed back to the house to spend time with family. Ty and I even snuck a picture in:

The girls were eager to see their Easter baskets that the EB left them. This year was the year of Lalaloopsy- a big one for Tink and several small ones for Sassy!

The rifled through their baskets, showed off their goodies, and were just as happy as can be!

To be continued...

Oh, and don't worry. There will be plenty of sharing about our birthday weekend bazaar... just as soon as I find the time! ♥

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stephanie said...

looks like it was a wonderful easter! love your girls outfits and hair accessories!

stephanie said...
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Theresa said...

Cute cute blog! What a fun glimpse into your sweet family! I can't wait to follow regularly! :)