May 14, 2011

Tangled: The Party

Well, the little blogger outage left you all laying in wait, no doubt, to hear about Sassy's awesome 5th birthday party!

As Sassy's guests arrived, they were served pizza and juice and escorted to the Tangled viewing area on the big screen {yeah for SMART boards!} The girls watched the movie, ate dinner, and chatted and giggled away...

Sassy was pulled aside first to get her hair sparkles put in by Nikki. She chose diamond {silver} again, and she looked stunning!

My Mom, Lynzee, and Mrs. B took turns painting the girls nails at the "manicure" station...

Nikki went all out with glitter makeup for the girls, and they were just tickled pink! They all looked so cute with their make-overs!

It's amazing how still these girls will sit when it comes to getting "beautified". HA! It was also fun to watch the deliberations that went on while choosing their glitter color. It was seemingly the most important decision some of these girls had ever made. ♥

Once interest in the movie had waned, the girls enjoyed their jello boats and made some beautiful Tangled pictures at the coloring table.

Tom & Tyler manned the pin-the-frying-pan-on-Flynn-Ryder station out int he hallway. The girls took turns in shifts. Guess who was the overall winner?


The make-overs took some time to get through, but all the girls kept themselves entertained pretty nicely! Didn't they all look so cute?

The girls continued to color and took turns at the maypole, which turned out to be such a fun idea!

Finally, it was time for to sing Happy Birthday and dig into those cupcakes. The girls were all highly impressed with the donut tower!

I couldn't get a great angle of Sassy blowing out her candle, but here's a shot, nonetheless...

The girls gobbled cupcakes and exchanged giggles as the last few girls had their make-overs completed. I was so, SO impressed by their patience! ♥

Things started getting a wee bit crazy {imagine that... just after cupcakes...} so we decided to hold off on opening gifts until we returned home. Sassy helped me hand out favor bags and Pascal blowers, which the kids had a blast with...

Sassy said goodbye to her friends, and took time thanking everyone, especially Nikki!

Afterwards, we headed home, where Sassy and Tink worked in unison to tear into those gifts...

As usual, Sassy's friends were very generous, and she received some really great gifts!

Despite all the excitement from the evening, we were exhausted! It didn't take anyone long to wind down and reach this point:

Thanks to everyone who helped make Sassy's birthday so wonderfully fun & special for her. We ♥ you all and are very lucky to have you in our lives!

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