May 19, 2011

Field Day.

Gracious. I am blowing my own mind with the cleverness of my blog titles lately.

Today is Thursday, May 19th. I am blogging about Field day on Thursday, May 5th. Two weeks behind. My goal is to be all caught up by the time we leave for our trip... IN EIGHT DAYS. Wowza!

So, yes, Sassy had Field Day two weeks ago. Remember last year, when Field Day was a lost concept to me?

No longer, my friends.

I arrived at the school just in time to see Sassy and her lovely Field day partner, Miss E, take the field. They began with a sprint around the track...

Sassy finished strong!

Then it was off to the next station...

Sassy was determined... both to be a silly monkey, and to focus on the tasks in front of her. I ♥ my girl!

Sassy and E were cracking us up with their tennis-ball-balancing prowess...

At the next station, Mrs. B showed the girls how it was done...

The last station I was able to stay for was the cup stilt station. I was apprehensive about how well Sassy would do with these, but she really did pretty well!

I absolutely loved seeing the determination in her little face. I think I might buy the girls each a set of these to practice with in the backyard!

That's not to say there isn't a learning curve.

But, that's the point of Field Day in the first place, right? I am so pleased that the encourage the kids to step out of their comfort zones and try new physical activities!

Sassy had the best time sharing Field Day with Miss E as her partner. The two looked like they enjoyed themselves a lot!

I wish I could have stayed longer, and I can't wait for field Day next year.

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