May 12, 2009

Growing, Growing, Growing...

Little A and I made another trek to the Dr. this morning for a recheck on her neck infection, which isn't improving all that much. Well, actually, not at all.

She was scheduled to go in next Monday for her 9-month check-up, so thankfully, they combined the two visits so we wouldn't have to return... again.

The oral medication isn't doing the trick alone, so the Dr. prescribed a concoction that the ladies on my mommy board have recommended in the past for a nasty diaper rash- Rx anti-fungal cream, hydro-cortisone cream, highly concentrated zinc oxide-based diaper rash cream, and neosporin (2:1:1:1). Mix and slather, four times daily. She'll be such a neat and clean, sweet smelling little princess, won't she?

Little A was borderline anemic today. That shocked me, considering she drinks Similac Advanced, and takes in at least the recommended 26-32 oz. daily. I was a bit perplexed. Her hemoglobin was 8.6 on stick #1, 7.4 on stick #2, and up to 10.1 on stick #3, which is considered borderline. They will defer to her 12 month appt. for a re-check.

Oh, and don't let me forget the surprise double ear infection we learned of today. As the Dr. described it, her ears were "red and pussy". Mmmm... I feel so bad- she is such a stoic little booger. She did wake up last night at around 10:30, and was pretty upset, but we got her to go back down. I would have at the very least given her some Tylenol if I would have suspected. Poor girl.

See, I am not kidding when I say we have all been sick, on and off, for the past 6 weeks!! When will it come to an end?!?

On a positive note, Little A has made great strides in her growth since her 6-month check-up. Remember she was having some feeding problems? Well, take a look at this progress:

2-20-09..........12 lbs 6 oz
3-3-09..........13 lbs 4 oz
4-17-09..........16 lbs 2 oz
5-7-09..........17 lbs 7 oz
5-12-09..........17 lbs 12 oz

Here's to a healthy, growing girl!

Still, does anyone besides me find it a little ridiculous that we have visited the brand new office for the third time since their grand opening on May 4th... you know... as in, 8 days ago???

2 sweet tweets:

Mandy said...

Poor girl. So sorry she is sick. I know what you mean about visits to the doctor's offices though. Our doctor opened a new one in the fall, and I bet I can find my way around it better than most of the staff. Ha!

miranda said...

shes only a lb behind paige. She must be a meaty little thing. I hope she starts to feel better soon....and that ur house of death will be back to normal...sooner than later.