May 21, 2009

A Cut Above the Rest...

It's official. Little A has cut her third tooth. You may remember my mention of this in her "9-month highlights" post. I realized the funniest thing, though. All along, I thought it was going to be her upper left central incisor coming through. Alas, it is her lateral incisor cut. I swear, once that tooth starts to grow in, she is going to have one silly smile!

I snapped a few cute ones of Little A on my quest to capture that hint of a pearly white. Here are some of the shots:

I had to include the shadowy one... I know she has her hand in her mouth, but, is there anything cuter than that little sloped nose of a baby??

Sassy has a new friend. Her name is Anna. She is imaginary.

Sassy has been referring to "the girls" as a group of friends that follows her around the house. I happen to not be able to see them.

Well, today after preschool, Sassy informed me that her "pwetend fwiend" Anna was coming inside with us. She told me that Anna was shy. She asked if Anna could eat lunch with her. I said, "Sure, as long as Anna likes macaroni and grapes..."

I asked how old Anna was, and Sassy said, "She's kind of six." I shook my head in agreement, and Sassy added, "She started six on her last birthday, mom."

I was taking the pictures of Little A when Sassy asked me to take a picture of her and Anna. She was pointing to her in this one:

Then, she scooped Anna up in her hands (apparently Anna is very small) and placed her on the kitchen mat for me to take a picture of. Sassy said, "Isn't she pwetty, mom?" I think she's gorgeous.

3 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...

My, my, she is a tiny one. Hope that Anna ate plenty of mac and cheese!!

SassyEngineer said...

How sweet! I don't remember if I had an imaginary friend or not. I played by myself a lot because my sisters were older and I did pretend other people were playing with me, but I don't think I had a constant one that befriended me. I love it when kids use their imaginations! She is going to be a creative one :)

The Costellos said...

How cute! I hope Anna was very well behaved and shared nicely :) Your girls are precious