May 3, 2009

Let's Try This Again...

OK, my sinuses are a bit more clear, and I have every reason to believe my brain is functioning once again, so let's pick up where we left off...

After our mini photo shoot, I spent the next 27 minutes trying to load the car and get the girls buckled in safely. It was pouring rain, and Sassy is a bit dramatic over-the-top ridiculous when it comes to nasty weather. A gentle breeze might swoop by, and the reaction she gives is as though an F-5 tornado was tearing through our neighborhood and threatening to suck her into it's vortex. It could be lightly drizzling outside, and she'd scream as though searing acid rain was pelting her delicate skin. Needless to say, the distance from our front door to her car seat seemed like I had just taken on The Boston Marathon. I am assuming this will only get better with age!?!

After I finally got into the driver's seat and listened to a few tracks off of the new Gavin DeGraw CD, my feathers began to de-ruffle. (I am in a making-up-words kind of mood today- forgive me).

Sassy had a great time at the play date. She was a little clingy at first, but she really got into her groove when we went upstairs to make our May Day flower basket.

(Side note- there is nothing... nothing... more annoying to me than when I take the time to go to a play date, only to have one or both of my children clinging to me like everyone else in the room is infected with Swine Flu. I mean, really? Go play. Get off of me. Socialize.)

Here are a few pics of Sassy making her basket... isn't the finished flower basket cute?:

After the play date, we took a trip to Walmart for some odds and ends. During this trip, I officially came to the conclusion that taking both girls to Walmart on a terribly rainy, windy day for the mere purpose of picking up dog food, minced garlic, and scrubbing bubbles is SO not worth it. Note to self for the future: SEND TYLER.

Next, we made a stop at Toys 'R' Us. Sassy received a gift card in the mail from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe, and it was burning a hole in her pocket. (See... she is related to me, no matter how much she may look just like Tyler). We stopped by the service desk and let them know it was her birthday, where she was quickly given a balloon and a crown. Five seconds later, the PA system kicked in with an announcement about her birthday. She thought it was pretty cool to hear that, and was just amazed that everyone was stopping to wish her a Happy Birthday. I could just see her little brain reeling, thinking, "how did they know"? I guess the giant Mylar balloon floating up from our cart tipped them off, as well as her sparkly birthday princess crown. I didn't lug my camera inside, so I have no pictures to share, but it was cute!

Albeit very adorable, taking a three year old into TRU without a plan was not one of my best ideas ever. Dear Lord, we were in that store for over an hour. It cracks me up that, even at this tender age, she was so choosy about what she spent her "monies" on, where if it were mine, she would likely scoop up the first trinket she saw. It was a painstaking process, let me tell you. Sparing you the gory details, this is what we ended up with:

Yes. I did it. I caved. I allowed the purchase of a sand and water table. Sand. I loathe sand. I have nightmares of those little grains of sand infiltrating my life... being drug throughout the house. Oh, the thought is really too much to bear... On a funny note, though- ♥'d Sassy's thought process on the pink doctor costume. See, there were two sets to choose from- a green "surgeon" costume or a pink "nurse" costume. Both had identical tools and were the same price. I asked her which she wanted, the green doctor set or the pink nurse set. She told me that she wanted the pink one because, "I like pink, but I still going to be a doctor, mom." So, the pink doctor costume it was!

We finally arrived home, and Sassy was eagerly waiting to open her gifts with Daddy. She was SO excited to get the Leapster 2, and I was so excited to give it to her, after hearing about how she wanted her "own Leester game" since Christmas. We found one for a really good price at Kohl's after the holidays, and it has been torture for me not to give it to her sooner! (I am very impatient when it comes to gifts- giving and receiving). She also got a case and a couple of games for the Leapster, some new bookends for her bedroom, and a few summer "play" outfits.

Friday evening, we went over to Tom and Lynzee's for some cake. Lynzee's niece, E, shares a birthday with Sassy, so they sat together for an awesome rendition of the birthday song. We brought a few gifts for E, and Sassy got a neat paint set from E and Nana (Lynzee's mom).

Tyler and Tom left for their Dad's Night Out at the Optimist Club's steak feed. It was a man's paradise- 2 1/2 pounds of steak, a baked potato, and all-you-can-drink beer. All the guys came over to our house afterwards, so I was banished to the bedroom for most of the late evening, which was fine be me, because I was EXHAUSTED at that point!

Sassy had a wonderful birthday and she has succeeded in acting like a typical three-year-old so far! She is pretty pumped to take treats to her preschool class this coming Tuesday, and that will officially draw this year's celebration frenzy to a close. For that, my friends, I am thankful!

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Mae said...

1) You're an awesome mama to have given your sassy girl such a wonderful, extensive birthday extravaganza even though you were feeling crummy. 2) I can't believe that long hair and those CURLS! I just saw her last week! WTH?! 3) I totally share your fears of sand and wish you all the best... knowing I would have done the same thing. :)