April 1, 2010

Outdoor Fun!

Yesterday, we reached a high temperature of 84! Farewell March!

I led our monthly PAT playgroup yesterday afternoon, Grins & Squiggles. We typically focus on indoor arts & crafts, but I knew that NO ONE was going to want to spend the afternoon indoors on a day like that.

The kids had a blast! This is what we did...

  • Sidewalk chalk station

  • Bubbles Station

  • Easter Egg Maracas- Plastic Easter Eggs filled with dried rice & beans and taped shut

  • 2 wash basins filled with water and sponges to "sponge paint" the sidewalk

  • 2 paint trays filled with water and short-handled sponge rollers to "roll" the side of the building

  • Small cups of water with paint brushes to paint the side of the building

  • Squirt bottles filled with water for spraying

  • Plastic Bag Kites- tie long piece of yarn around both handles of plastic grocery bag, and RUN!

No one said it was going to be clean...

But, the kids LOVED it! I never would have imagined how captivating it was for them to "paint" with water! I highly suggest trying it out this season...

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