September 13, 2010

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy.

We couldn't let a trip to the KC Metro pass us up without doing something fun. So, we didn't...

Any guesses?

You're getting closer...

Yep, that's right. One of the favorites around the SPH- Deanna Rose Children's Farm in Overland Park. We ♥ that place!

Upon entering, we decided to take a left instead of a right. It seems as though we always head straight to the cattle barn and the mining area, and we miss the rest of the farm in the process.

This time, we checked out the chickens first. Little A was so enthused, she could have watched them for hours. Sassy enjoyed climbing all over the pretend train potters and Little A finally figured out the difference between a chicken and a turkey. The turkey gave us a great show by gobbling like crazy!

The girls enjoyed the barn slide, as well. They are still a bit shrimpy to see over the railings, though.

And, slide she did.

I snapped this one of Sassy as she finished getting a drink from the water fountain. Love this girl!

The garden area at the farm is really pretty, and Sassy relished in the fact that I wanted to take her picture in front of all the pretty landmarks. She's become quite the ham. Imagine that.

Little A especially enjoyed feeding the koi fish. They are so pretty to watch!

We took in some more of the garden and laughed and played on the wooden swings for a while. I SO want one of those for the house!

I have no idea what this contraption was, but it looked cool. Little A thought so, too.

We rounded out towards the back and arrived at the mature goats. Sassy and Little A loved feeding them the pellets. It was hard for us to convince Little A to use a flat palm instead of her fingertips, but even when the goats nibbled her, she thought it was hilarious! They were very gentle!

They were thrilled to have us near, can't you tell?


I thought this one was so cute, but his eyes were a little creepy.

Little A had a ball!

I love Little A's face in the one on the left. HA!

When the girls decided they had had their fill of feeding the mature goats, they lead Tyler and I on a trek towards the babies...

I even managed to get in a pic... here's the official debut of my new haircut. I think I hate it. I also went dark.

Feeding the baby goats bottles of goat milk officially ranks as one of the coolest.things.EVER if you are under five. Or something.

Little A went in, no holds barred.

The baby goats are so cute and pathetic. I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course. I feel bad for them when Little A comes to town- no sooner does she shove the bottle in their mouth and she's already ripping it out like it's her job. Poor things.

Sassy was a bit frightened this time, which she has never been before. Daddy helped her out, though.

I do think Little A has a passion for animals, though. Just as soon as she learns to be a bit more gentle refined, I think her and the farm animals have the potential to be BFFAA's.

Once the milk bottles were dry, we were all ready to pack up and head out to lunch before our long drive home.

Until next time, DRCF...

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**** said...

I've never heard of this place...and I lived in KC! I'll have to take the kids sometime.

Gorgeous pictures!

Sarah said...

We went to Deanna Rose on our Labor Day vacation and LOVED it!!! We will definitely be going there many more times in the future! Thanks for blogging about it, because that's how we found out about it-it was great!!

Alyssa said...

Fun, fun! Love, love the pic of the girls holding hands. We have never been to this place either but your posts definitely inspire me to get my kids there!