September 20, 2010


Although the days of hilarity in misspeak are mostly behind us in regards to our eldest, Miss Sassy still cranks out a good one every now and then...

She has recently become obsessed with Monster High dolls. I could write an entire manifesto on how I think the dolls are nauseously similar to Bratz dolls, sporting unrealistic body proportions, mature clothing, and questionable thematic references. But, I won't.

Instead, I'll resign myself to the fact that Sassy thinks they are the coolest.things.EVER. Nana and Graycop started her collection by purchasing Frankie Stein. Then, she just had to have Laguna Blue, her favorite. Draculaura made her way into the collection when Sassy traveled to KC for her specialist appointment. She was terrified, after all. Then, how could they not buy her Clawdeen Wolf to round out her brood? In short, she went from zero to four in a matter of weeks, forcing me to put the kibosh on any and all gift buying and giving until Christmas from Nana and Graycop.


Each doll comes with a pet, a stand, and a little diary. Sassy is fascinated with diaries, and she's been wanting one since we included one in A's birthday gift last month. In school, she is working hard on writing her capital and lowercase letters, so when I saw a cute Fancy Nancy diary (much more appropriate choice for a 4-year-old, dontcha think??) in the $1 spot at Target, keys and all, I knew it had to be hers.

She was over-the-moon excited about it.

Thanks, Mom! My very own diarrhea!

Me: It's a diary, honey.
Sassy: Well, I call it a diarrhea.
Me: Well, yes, I can see that. I don't think you really want to call it that.
Sassy: Why?
Me: Diarrhea means something different.
Sassy: Like what?
Me: Um... diarrhea is what we call our poop when we are sick, It's runny poop.
Sassy: Oh. Well, I like to call it my diarrhea, though.
Me: {sigh}. OK, whatever.


Still pretty funny, though!

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Sherry said...

HA!! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

LMBO! That's too funny!

Diane said...

OMG, I laughed until snot came out my nose! : )
Kids... SO FUNNY!