September 27, 2010

Jewels, Key-haps, the 5K and Camping...

We had a busy, busy weekend here in the SPH! Fall decided to show up, and just in time!

Friday night, Lynzee and I spent the evening with a few of our favorite townies. She hosted a Premier Designs party, and we did a little shopping, chatting, and snacking. During the party, Tom was a total rock star. He entertained many of the kiddos. The downside- Sassy came home with approximately 1,376 mosquito bites. Oops. Little A stayed home with Daddy. They played outside, and Little A acquired approximately 1,376 mosquito bites. Oops. Huge parenting FAIL. I did order a cute ring to add to my collection- WOOT!

Saturday morning, the entire SPH was up bright and early for the Komen Wichita Race for the Cure! All fo us (my parents included) signed up for the un-timed 5K, and we also signed the girls up to participate in the Kids for the Cure Tot Trot. We joined my friend Elainne's team, The Rockin' Ta-Tas! We made sure to leave with plenty of time to grab a little power breakfast and get to the race! I took a couple of pictures (what I thought would be the tip of the iceberg) in the driveway. If you're wondering, Sassy is pouting because she didn't get to wear a pretty skirt like Little A. Apparently the sparkly pink headband wasn't enough.

So, it was off to breakfast... right? Sure, but nothing ever runs smoothly in the SPH. Really... NEVER.

To make a long story short, Tyler accidentally locked our keys in the car. They were left in the ignition, I had our spare in my purse in the car, and it was a mess. My Dad had the Jeep, but only one car seat. So, in order for Sassy to make it to the Tot Trot, Tyler drove her and my Mom to the race in the Jeep while my Dad and I hung back with Little A. I made a few phone calls and found someone who would pop the lock for only $40 and NOT make us wait for over an hour to get there. DEAL!

The three of us did make it in time for the walk, but not in time to enjoy any pre-walk festivities. Not in time to score any goodies. Not in time to meet up with Elainne or the rest of our team. Not in time to see Sassy 50-yd dash, nor in time for Little A to participate. Not in time to feel compelled to even lug my camera out of the trunk. Yes, I admit it. My spirit was a bit deflated upon arrival.

Once we got walking, though, we had a wonderful time. Truly. I pushed the double stroller 95% of the way, and it felt great. The weather was beautiful, the path was beautiful, and it was great fun to watch everyone getting into it. I can't wait to participate next year, and hopefully it will be a bit less stressful!

Oh, and Sassy did run the 50-yd dash. She was thrilled to meet up with her friend, Bubs, and run it with him! She even got a ribbon, which she decided to include in her preschool counting book on the "ONE" page. Way to go Sassy- Mommy is proud of you!

After the race, we rushed home to get the girls a quick rest in before we headed off to our next weekend adventure- the 11th annual Phipps Family 100 Tent Party. The Phipps are a family I know through PAT, and this is the second year Whitney had invited our family to participate. We were out of town last year, but very excited we got to take part this fall!

We packed a ridiculous amount of things, and followed Lynzee's van out to Belle Plaine, where the Phipps Farm is located. A trailer-pulling tractor met us at out cars and drove us back into the camping area. The premise- every family pitches a tent along the perimeter. The Phipps provide a roasted hog and turkeys- everyone else fills in the sides for dinner. There are games, games, games for the kids (and adults) to participate in and win "money" for Sunday's white elephant auction. There are campfires, bonfires, S'mores, live entertainment... Sunday morning, there is a huge communal breakfast with bacon, eggs, and sausage that each family contributes. It was a fabulous time!

Chad helped Tyler erect our tent:

Sassy jumped like a monkey on the trailer bed:

75% of the cuteness we brought along:

There was SO MUCH ROOM for the kids to run:

The girls sitting in front of our tent eating Cheez-Its:

After dinner, Soapy the clown kept the kids entertained:

This is a terrible picture of me, but here's proof that we were in attendance:

At this point, we got into our jammies and and prepared to put Little A to bed in the pack'n'play inside our tent. But, not before a little fun & games inside!

Little A fell right asleep, and we took the big girls to the bonfire, made S'mores, and listened to some of the live music. Finally, we turned in for the night. Sleep went well, for the most part. Sassy slept like a rock. Little A did wake up once when I left to go to the bathroom, and she sat up in the pack'n'play for a while, chatting. We finally brought her over to sleep with us, and we all slept until about 7:00 AM, which was way longer than I thought we would sleep, considering...

We got dressed and the girls had great fun brushing their teeth outside with bottled water! We even got a girl shot in:

We took the girls to play on the tree swings:

And, on a hiking adventure:

And down to the sand banks by the river:

And, the girls had some fun playing with Lynzee's parachute:

We ate breakfast, packed up, and joined in the white elephant auction with all of our game winnings. It was so much fun!

The goal for the party is to one day reach 100 tents! We can't wait to go again next year, and hopefully we'll be able to recruit some new friends to join us- as Whitney says, the more, the merrier!

Once we got home yesterday, showered/bathed, and started laundry, we changed into out jammies and spent the rest of our Sunday lounging and watching football! It was a great weekend.

Now, if only our Bears pull out a win tonight...

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rduxler said...

Great fun! And when the 100 tent event comes around next year, we would LOVE to join. I used to camp all of the time as a kid, and we haven't been once since Addy was born. :( Not to invite ourselves, or anything...

Oh, and I have on my Bears t-shirt already...

Kendra said...

Oh wow that looks like SO much fun! If I lived near you I would make you get me invited too =).

Can't believe little A crashed in her pack n play in a tent like me hope for my future! HA!