September 7, 2010

Tucker Love ♥

This will likely be a slow blogging week. I am up to my eyeballs in work and Sassy has her long-awaited appointment with the kidney specialist for the VUR Friday morning in KC, so we will be leaving Thursday for that.

I haven't used my camera in days. Shocking, I know.

But, here is a picture of my a-dorable nephew Tucker in the a-dorable hoodie I bought him from Gymboree before he was born. His Daddy thinks he looks pathetic. I think he looks like the cutest.stinkin'.thing.EVER.

What do you think?

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courtney said...

I think he's super cute AND has the coolest name ever!
It is weird though, hearing another child with your child's's like "no, that's MY baby's can't be yours..." :)