December 9, 2008

The Christmas Dog

Have you ever seen something and thought that you just HAD to have it? Not next year, not another day, not later, but NOW? Well, that happened to me last year when I saw the most adorable Christmas decoration that ever was. I saw it and I just couldn't imagine life without it.

The decoration I speak of is the cutest little holiday dog figurine. It is bright and bold and quirky and cute- just my style. She sports a snazzy green sweater with glittery yellow stars, some very fancy high-heeled boots, a chic pink scarf, a party hat, and some killer pink lipstick. She has spunk, she has style. She is the dog that has it all for the holidays.

So, in any normal circumstance, I would just have to buy her on the spot. But, this was no ordinary circumstance. See, I wasn't shopping when I saw her. I was at my cousin Kelli's apartment. We were in Chicago visiting family, and I had stopped by to see her new apartment and all of her holiday decor.

So, I played it cool. "Cute dog," I said to her, pointing at my newest holiday obsession. "Thanks," she said, "I just bought it at [some store like TJ Maxx or Marshall's- I was way too focused to actually be paying attention]". My eyes lit up. "So, it's really cute," I said, "Maybe I will go pick one up for my house." "Good luck," she tells me, "My mom and I picked up the last two that were there." OK, so now I have seen the decoration of my dreams and been informed that TWO members of my family own the thing, and one of them is not ME?!? "Oh, that's too bad," I replied and stared coolly into space plotting my next move...

Time goes on, we talk, we visit, blah blah. The gears in my mind were turning. A million things race through my head. Why, oh why did I leave me coat in the car? How can I conceal this dog under my shirt alone? Will it fit in my purse? What can I replace it with so that she won't notice? How am I ever going to get away with this one?

It is finally time to go, and I resign myself to the fact that it will be MUCH too obvious if Christmas dog goes missing now, after I have admired her so. Drat. I will just have to spend Christmas each year without this adorable, funky holiday dog statue that is me to a "T". I take one last look at Christmas dog. 'Goodbye, you sassy thang,' I think to myself as I throw one last glance her way. Just then, I am caught in the act. "Oh, just take the thing," Kelli says. "Really?" I ask. "Yes," she insists. Hooray! She's M-I-N-E!

It's one year later, and all I can think of when we are unpacking the Christmas decorations is my dog! I tell Tyler how I can't wait to put up my Christmas dog. He, of course, could care less about her. So, when I find her and take her carefully out of her box, I know in an instant that there is only one place for her to be- smack dab in the middle of our mantle. I place her up there, along with a few other things, some garland, some lights. When I am finished, Tyler looks at me like I am cRaZy... "That is what you are choosing to place in the prime Christmas decoration spot in our entire house?" he asks. My answer, of course, was an unequivocal, "YES!!"

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