May 5, 2009

Am I Glowing Yet?

Today was rather uneventful. It has been rainy and dreary and grey. Yes, that's it... it's been a grey kind of day. And, hey... my shirt is grey. What can I say? OK, too many late night Seuss readings...

(Debate: grey or gray? I like grey. Thoughts??)

Sassy brought her treats to preschool this morning, so I am proud to announce that Birthday Mania 2009 is finished. Well, until August, at least! Then, it will be Little A's turn!

As for me, I have the night off. How, as a parent, do I get a night off, you ask? Simple. By ingesting radioactive isotopes. Works every time...

But, seriously, I have my thyroid uptake scan tomorrow, and I had to go in this afternoon for the dose of radioactive crap that they cram into a little pill that they hand you with tongs while wearing a lead sheet and robot gloves, and then ask you take it and swallow. That seems normal.

So, I am off mommy duty for the entire night. No child may enter my 5-foot personal space. Oh, I am just reeling in the possibilities.

Would you like a breakdown of the likely events this evening? I will probably eat dinner, waste a whole lot of time on the computer, watch American Idol and The Biggest Loser, take a very long, very hot shower, give myself a pedicure, sit in disbelief at what peace and quiet feels like, realize that I am quite bored, actually, and wish I could participate in the nightly bedtime routine. Then I will sulk in my bedroom, pretend to read my book club book for 5 minutes, then pop in some chick flick (I am thinking Head Over Heels) and fall asleep.

Have fun, all of you with actual responsibility!

4 sweet tweets:

Mandy said...

Whew... I thought it may have been the preggo glow. Have a great night. I'm the opposite... Brian is out of town until late tonight... mommy duty all night.

Whitney said...

I thought you were pregnant as well! Ha!
Enjoy your evening!

Anonymous said...

I am totally intrigued.

And I say grey.

Kendra said...

HA! You crack me up!! You are so right, if the person handing you the death pills can't even TOUCH them, why are you swallowing them???

I'm with gray. I have no reason, I just am.