September 2, 2009

Country Bumpkins...

For me, Kansas is the country.

I grew up in Chicago. You know... big city, bright lights; the hustle and bustle...

Kansas is placid. Quiescent. Calm.

Still, we live close to a large city in Kansas. Our humble abode sits on a residential street. We have the conveniences of shops and services very close by. It's not exactly country living...

Recently, we visited a friend who actually lives in the country. Down a gravel road. Outside of city limits. They have a barn and pigs and chickens.

What a fabulous place!

My girls l-o-v-e-d wandering about the land, exploring new nooks and crannies... it was so great!

Now, I have a little secret for you.

Shh... don't tell anyone!

Someday, I think I'd like to live out in the country.

I'd like to have land and a barn and some animals to tend to.

We could pull it off... don't you think?

I ♥ wheat. I ♥ sorghum. I ♥ sunflowers.

I am astonished that I am able to say this!

I think I have a crush on Kansas.

4 sweet tweets:

Anonymous said...

You're so funny. We don't have pigs anymore because eventually animals have to be, you know...slaughtered...but of course you could live in the country! All you need is a riding lawn mower.

That first picture is awesome!

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

I love the first pic of Sassy running! You do an awesome job taking pics!

Mama KG said...

I agree on the pics! I love Little A's triumphant grass pic, too. Oh, and I think maybe Kansas has a crush on *you*! ;)

Kendra said...

Yup - Little A appears to love it too!!