September 19, 2009

Labor Day Adventures, Part IV

It would be nice to say that the rest of our trip to Chicago was much more relaxing, but then I clearly wouldn't be talking about our family! We are always busy when we go to Chicago!

Friday morning, we drove up to Grayslake to visit my parents. It was my Dad's 56th birthday (yep, Sept. 11th), and the girls were dying to see Nana and Graycop. Little A crawled around like a maniac and Sassy spent about 3 hours playing with my parents garden rocks, of which she referred to as her dream come true rocks. Hey, if that's all it takes...

We had an early dinner of grilled Italian Sausage sandwiches (yum) and said our good-byes. We drove home through Rolling Meadows to see Auntie Kelli and Uncle Randy. Oh, and Morty the puppy, of course. We took a walk down to the neighborhood park, and the girls entertained themselves for a while:

Friday night, Kaitlin came home from Illinois State to spend the weekend with us! She is doing fabulously with her college transition, and we are so proud of her! As usual, my girls tortured her with toys, games, songs, and various other annoyances. She is SO good with them, though!

Saturday, we all headed out to Rockford for L & A's first birthday party! We all went- the 4 of us, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Joe, Kaitlin, Kelli, Randy, and my parents. Miranda & Jay are like members of the fam now, and it's great!

My Dad & Little A:

Kelli & Kait:

Little A was so sleepy. Just after this, she ended up falling asleep on Uncle Randy for a while:

Birthday Princess I:

Birthday Princess II:

Uncle Randy was successful at teaching Sassy how to pedal the tricycle all by herself... something Ty has been working on with her all summer!

We had a great day, and a fairly relaxing evening. Kait and I took a trip to... get this... Target and we crashed pretty early. We had one last busy day ahead of us...

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Been reading about the trip. Love the polar bear pictures.

miranda said...

im so glad u guys all came. it was kind of weird to see all of you gusy together at my house for a so used to seeing you all together at aunt kathy and uncle joes. anyway, it was nice. love all the pics as always.