September 16, 2009

Labor Day Adventures, Part II

Labor Day was over and done with, but I have to stick to my titles, right?

We got some wonderful sleep Tuesday night, and Little A seemed to be responding well to the antibiotics. She was fever free and acting much more like herself, so we proceeded with our original plans.

Oh, what a fabulous, fun-filled day we had!

I'll give you a hint...


I happened to be at two of my favorite places in the world: standing next to Soldier Field and looking on to The Field Museum.

Wednesday was a free admission day at the museum, and we planned a trip to see a few of our favorite sites downtown. We hadn't been down there since Sassy was born, and I thought that she was old enough to appreciate the trip. The gorgeous September weather certainly didn't hurt!

The Field Museum was always one of my favorites growing up. Of course, you first think of their awesome dinosaur collection, which I thought Sassy would just love. Well, as soon as we exited the elevator to the top floor, we were thrown straight into rock land. Sassy was in heaven! I had forgotten they had an extensive rock, geode, crystal, and mineral display.

Sassy loved it:

I mean, loved it!! We practically had to pry her cold, gripping fingers away from the displays! She would have spent the entire time up there!

Next, we ventured through the halls of evolution. Very interesting:

Sassy just had to go take a picture with this creepy crawly. Ick:

The Hall of Dinosaurs was a hit. The whole process of putting together those skeletons just amazes me. I think I read something that all the skeletons at the Field Museum are 95 percent complete. Only 5 % had to be filled in. Wow!

In case you can't tell, Sassy was having a blast:

She was pretty much in awe of just how big the dinosaurs were:

As we exited the evolution exhibit, there was a really neat wall of pictures:

I had to snap one from the top level. It is such a beautiful building!

We made a quick trip through the hall of gems and jewels... another one of Sassy's hobbies... I bet she wishes she had some of this to wear during dress-up!

I attempted a pic of Ty and the girls in front of Sue:

Nothing cuter than a stuffed elephants butt, huh:

Little A was about done with the museum, so we began to head out. On our way, we passed the Crown Family Playlab... and we just had to check it out. What a great place- it is literally a miniature version of the big museum, and everything is HANDS ON!

Little A really enjoyed crawling around like a turtle:

Oh, and she liked the tree tunnel, too. This was the happiest we had seen her in days!

Next, Sassy discovered the Native American Pueblo. She gathered corn, placed it in her basket, and took it inside the pueblo to make maize:

Next, we visited the music room. The girls enjoyed playing the instruments from different countries:

Once they got over the music craze, Sassy moved on to the rock station, where she practiced for a future in geology:

Or, maybe paleontology:

The had these neat little padded cubes in the corners for the little ones. I kind of wished I had one in my basement!

It was finally time to bid farewell to The Field Museum. I ♥ this city. Tyler and the girls looked on to the skyline:

The harbor was so beautiful:

Sassy had to make one last statement before we left:

Our day was so busy, it will have to be covered in multiple posts...

To be continued...

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