September 15, 2009

Labor Day Adventures, Part I

One thing these forced furloughs have afforded us is plenty of time to travel and visit with the people who matter most in our lives.

We did just that over Labor Day weekend and the following week. I left solo (well, with Lynzee) the Friday before Labor Day. We went to Lawrence for a live fantasy football draft. We also did a bit of shopping, eating sushi, and playing trivial pursuit.

Ty and the girls met up with us Sunday morning for brunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Yum. Then, we said goodbye to that crew and started out for Rockford to visit Miranda, Jay, and the girls. I recently teased her about linking to her blog, seeing as she hasn't posted anything in 3 months, but I still hold out hope.

We arrived in Rockford late, probably close to 10:00. We said our hellos and good-nights, and drifted off to dreamland the land of horrible sleep where two children wake up, cry, and want to sleep with you in a very small bed. Yeah, what can you do? The joys of travel...

Monday, Jay and the older girls were off of work and school, so we took advantage of the time together. We went to Alpine Park with the kiddos. Miranda and I joked that it must be twin day, because we saw 5 sets of twins, including her girls... at one park! We spoke to one woman visiting from Utah- she had IVF after years and years of trying and ended up with twin girls. When they were 3 months old, she found herself spontaneously pregnant with twin boys! Can you even imagine?!?

Sassy enjoyed the intricacies of the park:

She's my sweet pineapple, don't you know?

Uncle Jay Jay and the twinks:

F helping Sassy on the spinney chair:

Little A and Daddy in the tree house:

Little A sitting in the spinney chair:

The leaves are ahead out there, as far as beginning to change. I ♥ fall!

Little A loved sitting in the swing:

Her hair was blowin' in the wind:

Afterwards, we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Miranda and I ran a few errands shopped, shopped, shopped! Later, we stayed in with all 6 girls while Tyler and Jay went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some male bonding!

Tuesday, the older girls had school, so we planned to take the younger four to the mall for lunch and to play. I love visiting Rockford because Auntie MiMi is THE BEST at doing Sassy's hair. Doesn't she look the cutest??

Little A was a little in the grumpy side:

We went to the mall, and it was rather hellacious. Then, Little A ended up breaking out into a rash. This, combined with the low grade fever she had been running for days, led us into immediate care upon her pediatrician's recommendation. Sassy had roseola at about this age, but Little A's temp wasn't that high. Plus, she had the rash at the same time as the fever, and her mood was definitely declining. Poor girl.

So, it turns out that she had an ear infection and an atypical viral rash. We got some antibiotics and were on our merry way. We decided to leave Rockford a day early and head to Aunt Kathy & Uncle Joe's to get some much needed R&R.

Oh, and one last thing...

We visited Rockford & Chicago in May 2007 to celebrate Sassy's 1st birthday with family. This time around, I felt a sort of deja-vu at Alpine Park. This is why:

To Be Continued...

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Sherry said...

How funny...the last 2 pictures are nearly identical! Did you do any of that on purpose? Your husband even has on the same color shirt!!