September 3, 2009

Without Further Ado...

I suppose you all want to know who won the giveaway, no?

Who the lucky recipient is of the $30 gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl?

Well, this time, the winner happens to be my sweet friend, Mama KG! I'm sure her little kumquat will just ♥ anything she chooses... but, especially if it features her sweet little name!

I'm bet you're glad you came back to ask that Qanda questions that was just burning a hole in your brain!

And, I can't wait to answer it, and all the others, in the coming weeks!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated. It was fun!

Sometimes, last is the best place to be!

3 sweet tweets:

The Costellos said...

She's lucky we're related, or I might have to take her down! haha
So fun and nice of you to do the giveaway!

Mama KG said...

Woo-hoo!!! I'm very excited! It's my first giveaway! I'm already in love with The Vintage Pearl. After your post announcing the giveaway, I went there and ordered a bday gift for K's godmother. :) I'm way excited to get something for myself! Thanks, Heather! Thanks to Sassy & her Orioles for inspiring the qanda question. And happy bloggy birthday again!

Oh, and I love you, Mandy!

McMommy said...

Hi Heather! You won a giveaway over at McMommy and Me!! Hurry and email me b/c today is the last day to respond!