September 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch ♥ ♥ ♥

This past weekend, we were able to have a go at one of our favorite family activities- the pumpkin patch!!

We have the luxury of living near one of the greatest pumpkin patches ever- Walter's Pumpkin Patch. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... by far my favorite find since we've lived in this great state!

We went to celebrate LuLu's 2nd birthday! Sassy and I got ready and rode up with Lynzee and crew while Tyler and Little A ran the 5K for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. They met us later...

Sassy waited patiently to be picked up in the morning:

She had to say a quick hello to all the funny gourds before we could continue on:

She had her first try at a hammock. Verdict- she liked it!

She was even big enough to lug her own saucer up the hill for the tunnel slide:

Once she got up the hill, she was too scared to come down. Luckily, Daddy came just in time to rescue her slide down with her. Thank goodness for daddies!

As a group, we moseyed on over to the pillow jumper. It's so much better than a trampoline! Little A had a blast with Ty:

Sassy wanted Mom to jump with her. We had fun, too:

Tyler went crazy with the picture-taking. He loves to catch me in compromising poses. Remember this? I'm sure there are others...

So, I bring to you this lovely shot. Please, enjoy it from afar and do not, I repeat DO NOT click to enlarge or linger long enough to calculate my coronary risk factors by the amount of weight I carry in my middle or to count the number of chins visible in this picture. It is for pure entertainment only. Thanks.

The girls headed on to the corn pit next. In went two squeaky clean children. Out came 2 white dust balls with a mere hint of resemblance to my kin:

It was nearly time for lunch, so our group meandered towards the front of the patch. I thought it would be a great time for our yearly How Tall This Fall photos. Little A agreed:

Sassy... not so much:

The sun was in her eyes...

Her mood lifted as soon as the kids boarded the pumpkin train:

Meanwhile, Ty and Little A basking in the glory of fall:

Little A had her turn to explore the gourds:

Next, it was time for lunch followed by beautiful fall cupcakes:

LuLu was a mighty pleased birthday girl:

We ventured towards the back of the patch for some playground fun. Little A felt big & mighty on this boulder:

Sassy made us all dizzy as we watched her whiz down the slide:

Tiredness crept in, and Sassy took a brief rest with Mr. Scarecrow:

Then, she rested on her favorite perch:

She perked up just long enough to do some quick mining for treasure:

And, we were d.o.n.e.

We never even made it out to the patch to choose pumpkins...

Here's hoping to many more beautiful fall weekends ahead and another wonderful family trip to Walter's in our future!

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miranda said...

good form on the midair splits.

erin said...

DANG GIRL. Your midair split is quite impressive.