September 22, 2009

Falling for Fall...

It happens every year around this time. I get giddy. Over the moon happy. It's my absolute favorite time of year.


It's such a lovely word.

Tonight is the autumnal equinox. After that, it's official... fall has begun!

I thought it would be fun to do a photo tour of my 10 favorite things about fall. Won't you join me?

Photo by Alpharetta CVB

10. Football

Who doesn't ♥ football season? College football Saturdays. NFL Sundays & Monday nights (...and sometimes Thursdays). Fantasy football leagues. Good friends, great food, and football. Love it!

Photo from AE.

9. Sweatshirt Weather

Just that perfect time of year when it's cool enough to be completely comfortable wrapped up in a cozy sweatshirt and jeans, but before it gets too unbearably cold...

Photo from BBW

8. The Smells

Fall has it's own unique smell- a mixture of burning leaves, cool, crisp air, and a slight dampness in the soil. Fall also gives way to great indoor smells- chili or roasts stewing away, pumpkin pie or apple crisps getting golden brown in the oven... It's also an excuse to whip out my favorite candle- Cinnamon & Cloves. Mmmm... Bath & Body Work's new fall scent, Leaves, is pretty amazing, too.

7. Decorating the House

I must admit- I enjoy putting out my fall decorations a bit more than my Christmas ones. I think it's because I am an earth tone kind of girl. The browns and golds and oranges and greens are just my kind of thing. The pumpkin candle holder is a new addition this year. I can't wait to dig out my wrought iron spider and fill his tummy with some gorgeous golden-red mums!

Photo by Brenda Anderson

6. Apples

Apples are such a signature of fall. I love to make homemade apple crisps, apple dumplings, roasted pork loin with apples, apples and peanut butter, apples and cheese slices... the list goes on. We are very bummed that we did not have a chance to go apple picking this season- the late frost destroyed the crops in our area. We anxiously await apple season next year, so we can share the apple picking experience with the girls!

Photo by jcbwalsh

5. The Leaves and Colors of Fall

When the leaves begin to turn, I just ♥ going for long afternoon walks. To me, there is no time of year prettier than when the fall colors begin to emerge. With each new place we live, I am able to gain a different appreciation for fall, and what fall brings to different places. Fall is not the same in Kansas as it was in Iowa, or Chicago. I hope to one day be able to experience fall in Seattle or Vermont or some other new place!

Photo from Jowra

4. All Things Halloween

Halloween is definitely one of my very favorite holidays. I have always enjoyed it, and even more so now that I have the girls to share it with! In the sweet pea household, costumes are practically decided a year ahead of time, and talked about throughout the year. Sassy is SO excited to show off her costume this year. We love attending Halloween parties and trick-or-treating and all of the other fantastic Halloween festivities!

Photo by Laurgasms

3. Pumpkin Patches

There is a special place in my heart for visiting the pumpkin patch each year. I have done so since I was a child, and it is no secret to most people who know me that Walter's Pumpkin Patch is hands down my favorite find since we moved to Kansas. I am so excited to be making a trip there very soon!

Photo by Rachel is Coconut&Lime

2. Sharing a Snack and Talking About Our Day

OK, OK. We do this year-round. But there is something special about coming home from school and work, shedding a few cool-weather layers, and sitting at the table to share stories about our day. I cherish these times, and I hope that they will continue for many years to come!

Photo by Zach K

1. The Holidays Looming Right Around the Corner!

With all of the unique excitement fall brings, I just can't help but anticipate the events over the next three months. There are so many traditions that we have put in place, and so many events we choose to attend- it's all very exciting! I love sharing Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family- spending quality time, holiday shopping, travel, parties, etc. It's such a great time of year!

So, there it is. My top 10 list. What is your favorite season? What makes it special for you?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you and I were separated at birth...

Alyssa said...

Oh, I am with you on 1-10 all the way. I adore fall! The only thing I don't like about it is that snow seems so close and I hate hauling kids around in cold weather. But this weather is wonderful! I already have my spice candles burning and we are BEYOND ready for Halloween!

miranda said...


Kendra said...

I LOVE Fall too...and I especially love that the holidays are right around the corner =) Thanksgiving and Christmas are my FAVORITE.