April 10, 2010

Caught Orange-Handed...

There is a spot in our front room where the corner of our couch all but meets a wooden chest, creating a small area to store a few things out of sight, all while keeping them easily accessible. I typically store my camera case back there, some other odds and ends, and interestingly enough, it's where we've chosen to stow away our play-doh collection.

All was well with this arrangement until recently, when I caught Little A back there, content as can be, smashing orange play-doh into my floors. Oh, joy of joys. The best part came when, as I caught her orange-handed, I called out her name, fully expecting to startle her... well... quite a lot.


She looked up at me, scrunched her nose up, and started cracking up, as if I should crawl back there and join in her fun.

But, of course I wasn't about to do that. There were punishments to dole out cameras to grab!

Guess Mama needs a new play-doh hiding place...

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