April 19, 2010

Not Me!: Shoe Edition

This weekend, I did not drag my husband and youngest child to Kohl's to browse while we had new tires put on our car.

I most certainly did not hit the shoe section, and quickly begin perusing searching frantically for a pair of shoes that I saw during my last visit and really fell in love with.

These shoes were definitely not children's shoes, as I would never take advantage of having very small feet by purchasing shoes intended for a child. Not me!

I did not have a pity party when I learned that Kohl's no longer offered the style of shoe that I fell in love with, but rather a similar style that looked, well... childish.

I did not move on to little girl shoes, nor did I fall in love with the CUTEST pair of Twinkle Toes in Little A's size.

I did not convince Tyler to try them on her, just to see.

As I was doing this, there was no way that Tyler walked over to the clearance rack and held a shoe up in the air, questioning if it was the style I coveted...

It most definitely was not that shoe.

I did not get excited, jump up, and shout "What size is it?!?" like a fool.

It did not happen to be my size, and the very last pair of that style, marked at 60% off.

I did not promptly inform Tyler that those shoes were MINE!

In light of these turn of events, I did not spend 10 minutes convincing Tyler that Sassy and Little A could really use a pair of sneakers for the summer, nor did I vow not to buy another single pair of shoes for either of them the entire summer (except for a pair of gold sandals for Little A- I explained matter-of-factly that I have been waiting to purchase these to determine her best size as summer nears...)

We did not leave Kohl's with 3 pairs of new shoes. Nope!

We are not SO cool!

5 sweet tweets:

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I did not rob by 12 year old step-son's closet of youth large t-shirts the other day....

Shaila said...

Love the shoes! I hear Twinkle Toes are THE thing to wear. :)

miranda said...

yup u were right i did have a little chuckle on this one. but it is soooo like you to do somethihng like this. very cute shoes by the way.

Mama KG said...

Super cute! And funny :)

Mandy said...

I love it!