April 27, 2010

Hair: The Trial

Remember when I clued you all in on the hair woes around the SPH?

Well, I am happy to report that we have been experiencing some mild success in these parts.

Mild, people. Don't get too excited.

Exhibit A: April 12th, 2010. Subject was home and being readied for a birthday party at My Gym. Subject allowed perp (Mom) to place hair in double whale spouts prior to leaving premise. Subject maintained hairstyle for an estimated 6.34 minutes prior to removing support apparatuses.

Photographic Evidence:

Exhibit B: April 20, 2010. Subject stood still while perp (Mom) placed a single ponytail and a hair clippie into hair. Subject maintained hairstyle during the drive to Wichita, lunch at Jason's Deli, and a run around the fountains. Not until the car ride home did subject disrupt the integrity of the hairstyle.

Photographic Evidence:

Case will be revisited as more evidence is brought forth.

3 sweet tweets:

rduxler said...

HA! I so remember trying to keep Addy's mess 'o' hair under some sort of control with hair bands and barrettes, and was met with about the same success rate. Most of the time she just ended up looking like a wild animal...

Whitney said...

Hilarious! Kids NEVER keep their hair in! She's too cute!

♥ Sarah & Illusia ♥ said...

SO ADORABLE! I cannot wait until my girl can have pigtails to!!!