April 20, 2010


I was on the phone with my friend Miranda yesterday, and she was teasing me about my recent shoe purchase. In fact, she left a comment on my post that said something along the lines of "you would go and do something like that..."

Hey, what can I say?

She quickly reminded me that NOTHING could be worse, though, than the time I bought my "camel-toe shoes". I immediately started cracking up, remembering distinctly which shoes she spoke of, and recalling that they were, indeed, not one of my 5-star purchases...

Um, Nike, what were you thinking??

Quite possibly more disturbing than the shoe itself, in all of its split-toe glory, were the socks that were sold to accompany the shoes...

Yep, I had a pair.

She made a remark about how it comes as no surprise, and she learned quickly, once becoming my friend, never to accept any gum, candy, or snacks that I had to offer. Because, according to Miranda, I like weird sh*t.

Which is completely funny to me, because my friend Lynzee feels the same way. I thought I would never hear the end of it after I offered her iced tea-flavored mints.

I grew quite fond of them during my pregnancy with Little A- regular mints made me hurl. Apparently, Iced tea mints made her hurl. Eh, you can't win 'em all, right?

Miranda laments over the fact that I eat these by choice, as well:

In my defense, they are totally delish!

Oh, and if given the chance, I absolutely love to eat an entire one of these raw before baking them:

Don't worry- I've completely laid off since the salmonella-cookie fiasco several months back...

Remember my snoogle post way back when? Well, nothing has changed, my friends. I still sleep with my trusty pregnancy pillow every night, without fail.

Think I have a picture-taking obsession. Well, yes I do. As of today, I have 27,460 picture files stored. And that covers pictures from May 2008-present. That averages roughly 1200 shots a month, or around 40 shots a day. See, when you break it down, it doesn't sound so crazy, does it??

I alphabetize my DVD's by title and my books by author. They are SO much easier to find that way.

I make lists for everything. Sometimes, I make lists of my lists. J/K

So, I have a few quirks. Some things other people might think are a little off. What about you? What do you do that makes people wonder?

Pics from: http://www.j600.com/, http://www.brianorndorf.com/, http://www.snacksalad.com/index.html, http://takeda-jp.sakura.ne.jp

5 sweet tweets:

Anonymous said...

Okay, the shoes and the biscuits are a no, but I could totally get into the mints and the crackers.

miranda said...

LOL I love this post. i just chuckled through the whole thing. The sec i saw those god awful shoes again i think i vomitted a little in my mouth. LOL. U do have some questionable quirks but thats why i love ya. anywho.

I think my "questionable quirk" would be my obsession with pinesol, i used to think it was a pregnancy thing but honest to god if i could drink it i would. I love that stuff.

Shaila said...

I have so taken shoe advice from you in the past that I'm questioning right about now! :)

I love canned biscuits. I could eat the whole tube before the oven gets done preheating!

rduxler said...

I am so forwarding a picture of those shoes to some friends because of a 'Camel Toe Rescue Group' we have thought about organizing due to some repeat offenders in our office. Oh no Nike di-in't...

our2kids said...

Wow, you make me look normal! I should show this to my husband. :) I had a lot of quirks before I had kids (back when I had time to be quirky) like scrubbing my kitchen floor until it could blind you. Now I think my biggest quirk is water. I cannot drink that last bit left in the glass. As the girl in that Mel Gibson movie said, "It's contaminated."