April 23, 2010

Like Music to My Ears...

We've had our fair share of concerns over Little A's language development, much of which stems from concerns over her hearing.

So, saying that I am THRILLED with some of her new expressive language skills is putting it mildly. Maybe it's because I wad blesses with such a great early communicator in Sassy, but it's been hard for me to wait patiently for Little A to make her strides.

So, as she continues to meet new milestones, I am trying to take it all in.

And, right now, there is nothing sweeter than to hear her say things like "Buh-bye-see-ya" as if it is one word. Or, to say "Kank-ku Mama" when I hand her something.

I'm loving it!

Watch out world, she's climbing her way up!!

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Sherry said...

Before long you'll wonder what it was like to have a quiet moment! By the way, those shoes she has one are really really cute.

SwagBucksTricks said...

Aww.. cute picture! =)

And awesome logo by the way with the bird and the cake.. =)

~ SwagBucksTricks