April 22, 2010

The Dinosaur R-A-W-R

Last night, we had quite the dinosaur adventure. A traveling show called Walking With the Dinosaurs made a stop in town, and we scored some last minute tickets for opening night!

I had heard about the show several weeks ago, and it sounded really neat. We talked about it, though, and decided to forgo the expense because tickets were pretty crazy expensive. Then, a week or so back, Tyler took the girls to the mall one evening while I was at work to check out one of the dinos on display- the baby T-Rex. Sassy thought it was the coolest thing ever, and Tyler was impressed by the detail and size of said dino, considering he was one of the smallest in the show.

Then, last week, my friend Lisa posted on facebook that she was trying to get a group together to buy tickets and attain the group rate. Basically, for the Wednesday night show, we could purchase tickets for $15 each if enough of us went in. So, I begged Tyler to let me get tickets and put them towards Sassy's birthday present. He conceded that it was, indeed, a fabulous idea.

We had plans to make this a solo trip with Sassy. But, my mom was re-hospitalized this past weekend, and we did not want to leave Graycop with another thing on his plate, so we decided we'd give it a go and take Little A along. I truly felt that she was too young to be frightened by the show, and had a sneaking suspicion that she may enjoy it more than any of us. I was totally correct.

We didn't tell Sassy where we were going until a few hours before the show. Suddenly, she was totally willing to eat a great dinner and mind Mommy and Daddy. Weird. She was stoked once we parked the car and headed towards the arena:

Stoked, and also a little silly. What else is new?

Little A spent most of the walk to the arena practicing her dinosaur ROAR. She makes a very convincing dinosaur.

I forced the fam to pose for the obligatory pre-entrance group number:

We met our friends- Lisa brought W and Sarah brought Bubs! Then, the show began. The girls LOVED it. Sassy wasn't scared at all, and she asked me 1,322,497 questions about things in which I had no idea of the answer: Which dinosaurs flourished during the cretaceous period? Why does the brachiosaurus have a longer neck than the apatosaurus? You get the drift...

Little A was squealing for joy! She yelled. She roared. She clapped. She used Tyler's lap as her personal springboard throughout the show. Including Little A = Epic Success!

The show was great. The narrator was a "paleontologist" who led the audience through the various dinosaur eras, explaining the types of dinosaurs, their life cycle, the natural disasters that occurred during those times, and so on. Very interesting. As he spoke, the dinosaurs made their entrances, confronting one another on occasion, and made their way around the stage. Here are a few pictures from the first half of the show. I did the best I could with my camera while staying within the rules...

During intermission, Little A took a few more turns being a dinosaur:

Mommy even managed to sneak her way into a shot:

And, we enjoyed the seconds half of the show. Personally, I enjoyed the design of the ankylosaurus, although the mama and baby T-Rex sort of stole the show!

After the show, Sassy posed with her friends, Bubs and Miss W!

I was convinced the walk to the car combined with the long drive home was a sure recipe for slumber, but no! The girls were way too excited to talk dinosaurs all.the.way.home!

2 sweet tweets:

Sarah said...

Yeah! Thanks for posting pics! I think I when I blog about this event I will just put a link to yours, rather than trying to post my terrible pics! I think yours turned out pretty well!

Bubs also LOVED it! He also asked a million questions throughout the show, I was constantly telling him, "just watch, and wait and see!"

miranda said...

how cool that looks like it was really neat. geesh i wish i lived by you and we could go and do things like that with our families together. im jelous.

i so miss when sassy pants used to ROOOOOAAAARRRR like a dinosaur...so cute, well it looks like little A is following in her big sis's footsteps. how adorable.