April 6, 2010


This past Saturday, Sassy was invited to her friend A's 6th birthday party. The girls attended a special production of Pinkalicious: The Musical at the Crown Uptown.

For those of you who live in a cave may not be up on pop culture of young girls, Pinkalicious is an EVER popular children's book about a little girl who loves pink, eats one too many cupcakes, and begins to turn pink herself. The only remedy is to eat a diet consisting of only green foods... quite the challenge for a little girl.

During the party, the girls ate a kid-friendly lunch buffet, wore pretty pink necklaces and tiaras, and ate... what else... pink cupcakes! The musical was really cute, and Sassy had a blast! The girls received adorable favors, including an exact replica of Pinkalicious's wand and some green jelly beans... to remedy that pink cupcake they ate!

Sassy was too cute in her pink garb:

All the girls had a wonderful time. It was honestly one of the cutest birthday parties we have been to. I hope A enjoyed her special day as much as we did!

The girls made for gorgeous Pinkalicious princesses!


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