May 4, 2010

Birthday Weekend Shenanigans, Part II

After all of us in the SPH got some decent sleep Saturday night (hallelujah!), we started our Sunday morning off relatively lazy.

Graycop bought some cinnamon rolls, and we enjoyed a nice breakfast treat. Then, Sassy announced that she really wanted to go to Walmart and put her gift card from Auntie Kathy, Uncle Joe, Auntie Kaitlin, Auntie Kelli, and Uncle Randy to good use. I'll give you a hint on what she purchased:

Sassy was so excited to go to the store and choose her very first two-wheeler with training wheels! And, oh, what an ordeal it was! Weeks ago, she fell in ♥ with a Snow White bike, and she was sure that it was the one. Until she saw the Barbie bike, complete with a basket, streamers, and a cupcake bell. Now, the choice wasn't so cut and dry...

She thought. She compared. She test-drove. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I kid you not, we were in Walmart for 2 hours!! It was between these two bikes... forgive the poor quality photos from my cell phone:

I finally got to the bottom of the issue. She was beginning to get sad, and picking out a bike is not supposed to be a sad experience. She really, really wanted the Snow White bike, but it didn't have a bell. She thought the bell was really a vital component of a good bike. So, I showed her that we could purchase a bell that Daddy could put on, but she said the bell wasn't pretty. Well, there was only one clear solution...

Once that was settled, we were able to move forward with our purchase and get home in time for lunch and Little A's nap. Sassy also found a matching bike helmet and elbow pads. And, although we already have a bike helmet for each girl, only the Snow White bike helmet was good enough.

Sassy was so proud of her new bike. She asked me to take about 329 pictures with her standing and sitting in all different positions around it. Only my child...

Tyler began to make some adjustments to the bike- raise the seat a bit, tighten the bolts, the usual... Sassy helped.

Finally, it was time to take it for a spin. Sassy and Daddy went out onto the cul-de-sac and had a little pep talk:

Sassy was a natural. Daddy helped her get started, and she soon was off to pedal on her own. She made a pit stop to chase a butterfly, rode several more feet, found a special rock to put in her Snow White bag on the front of her bike, and rode some more. You know, a typical bike ride for a curious four-year-old!

Sassy hopped off of her bike for a second, and Ty pretended to hop on. I don't know that I've ever seen Sassy move so fast, as she jetted towards him screaming NOOOOO!

I guess she's going to be a bit protective of her new bike for a while. Look out, Little A!

And, we wrapped up our first real bike-riding experience...

...It's a tough job to learn to ride!

Later, Tyler took Sassy and LMB to All Star Sports for a bit. A local radio station had rented the park for the day and handed out free tickets, so it was the perfect time to go. I stayed back to spend a little quality time with Little A, as she is not quite big enough (though definitely tough enough) to ride the rides. I made black beans cakes and fresh guacamole for dinner, and we unwound from a very busy Sunday and concluded Sassy's birthday celebration!

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Three Gals and a Guy said...

I love that you guys helped Sassy make her bike perfect- what great parents!

Whitney said...

Looove her new bike!!! So fun!

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

She is so cute! Love the new bike with the matching bell, hat and all!