May 3, 2010

They're Here...

For those of you who didn't know, I won an awesome facebook giveaway a couple of weeks ago from Little Lesiw, who happens to be one of my very favorite hair accessory designers for my girls!

I ordered some bows from her etsy shop back in early March, and was so pleasantly surprised when I received them- they were fabulously made with fabrics to die for!!

So, when I became a fan of her facebook page, and saw that she had an awesome contest going on, I had to participate. All I needed to do was convince 15 of my friends to become a fan of her page, and I would receive a FREE hair bow. Well, once I acquired my 15 referrals, I realized what the GRAND prize was... the person with the most referrals would receive HALF as many FREE bows as referrals! Here it is, the final day of the contest, and I made it my mission to win.

By the way, I never win anything.

Well, thanks to my awesome friends, I became the grand prize winner, indeed! I also had the pleasure of choosing 20 FREE bows from her shop! I immediately selected at random 3 friends who would get to choose their bows, and another friend at not-so-random (our girls happen to share an exquisitely beautiful first name, and she decided that should be a criteria for winning). Well, exciting news, ladies... the blooms are HERE! So, be on the lookout for your beautiful hair pretties soon!

And, for the rest of you- have no fear! There will be more Bloom and Bitty Bloom giveaways here in the near future!

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Yay! Congrats! They're so cute!