May 3, 2010

Birthday Weekend Shenanigans, Part I

We are the family of the never-ending birthday. Every year, without fail. So, Sassy's birthday celebrations started last weekend with her super-fun Alice in Wonderland birthday, and continued on through the week, as usual.

Friday, it was decided that we would bring treats to Sassy's preschool so that she could celebrate with her preschool friends. Being the fabulous Mommy that I am, and not at all influenced by my recent obsession with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, I decided that traditional birthday treats weren't going to cut it.

After a lengthy discussion with Sassy, we came to the compromise that her birthday treats would include fruit kabobs made from fresh strawberries and pineapple, Danonino yogurt cups for dipping, and 100% juice. I couldn't quite convince her to go for unflavored milk or mini bottles of water. Drat. Side note- if you do not own this, run to your nearest Pampered Chef consultant and buy it immediately. Better yet, use my consultant, Lynzee.

Sassy was thrilled with the outcome. When I brought the treats to school, one little girl ran up tome and hugged my leg. I had no idea that kabobs were such a hot commodity, but apparently they are!

Saturday (Sassy's actual birthday) also happened to be the city-wide garage sale here in town. Lynzee and I had a fairly successful sale 2 years ago, and we decided long ago that we would give it a go again this year. Unfortunately, the date landed on Sassy's birthday, but we pressed on.

Friday night was also the biannual Optimist Club Steak Feed. So, while Lynzee and I spent 12+ hours Friday preparing for the garage sale, our husbands ate steak and drank beer. Without going into any of the gory details, I will say that I don't know if I have EVER been so angry with Tyler in 10+ years of dating than I was Friday evening. And into Saturday. Oh, I also got a grand total of 42 minutes of sleep heading into the sale Saturday. Joy.

Luckily, the sale was a HUGE success. It was a ton of work, but worth it in the end.

I made my mind up that I was going to be the bigger person and choose not to make Tyler's life miserable for days on (which I can be very good at) in order to maintain a positive environment for the little amount of birthday Sassy had left to spend with us. A few stipulations for future steak feed participation... end of conversation. Huge for me considering the word divorce exited my lips at least once Friday evening. Yeah, it was that bad.

So, I took a shower, and we headed to Red Robin, Sassy's restaurant of choice. But, not without taking a few official "I'm FOUR" pictures out front:

Unfortunately, Sassy fell asleep on the way there, and she was less than excited to be there once we got there. Little A was pumped, though!

Once Sassy got her freckled strawberry lemonade (a special birthday treat), she began to perk up a bit. I never did pull my camera out again during dinner, but she gobbled up her cheese pizza like a champ, wore balloon ears as the staff sang to her, and even shared her ice cream sundae with Little A. AND her cherry.

We headed home to open gifts and I whipped up a quick batch of brownies, per Sassy's request. She waited anxiously for everyone to gather so that she could open her presents:

She opened a few from Mom and Dad first- some summer clothes, a neat Alice in Wonderland clock for her bedroom...

Then, it was time to open the gift from Nana and Graycop. Remember back in September, when we visited American Girl Place? Ever since, Sassy has been wanting the little boy twin doll to accompany her girl. Well, unless you visit the store in person, you can only order the dolls as a set of twins. So, Nana and Graycop purchased the little boy twin, as well as a friend for her existing baby:

Sassy's reaction was pretty much priceless. She was so stinkin' excited about her new babies! Mom and Dad decided to upgrade the twin dolls to the starter collection, so Sassy also got the great big double jogging stroller for her babies:

Um... needless to say, she ♥'s it all!

By the time she was finished opening gifts, it was time for a quick brownie before bed.

It was the first time this year that I saw Sassy crack a smile while being sung to. She really is bashful about things like that. After Little A was put to bed, Sassy and I cuddled into my bed to watch The Aristocats. I think I made it through about half of a preview. Oops. Did I mention I had 42 minutes of sleep the night prior? I did? Oh.

I hope our Sassy had the greatest 4th birthday EVER!

4 sweet tweets:

♥ Sarah & Illusia ♥ said...

Looks like she had a great bday ;)

Whitney said...

I would say that's as close to a perfect birthday as you're going to get! Great job with the fruit kebobs! They look so good!

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

Looks like she had a GREAT birthday! I can't believe how big that doll stroller is! Sorry about the lack of sleep! Hopefully Tyler is making it up to you!

miranda said...

so cute, looks like sassy pants had a wonderful b day. Oh and by the way, in response to u saying that u only made it through the previews of the arisocrats.....even if u got 12 hrs of sleep u still would of fallen asleep. U never (at least from what ive seen in the almost 9 yrs weve been friends) last through a movie....LOL