May 5, 2010


1. A group of people living in the same locality and under the same government.
2. A group of people having common interests: the scientific community.
3. Similarity or identity: a community of interests.
4. Sharing, participation, and fellowship.

As is evident by this simple demonstration, the word community can have many meanings. I feel incredibly blessed to feel a part of many communities. Our town community, the school community, the work community, my Meetup community, my Mommy Board community, an extended facebook community, the blog community...

You get the idea.

For instance, how awesome was it when we had Little A and so many moms from my Mommy groups made up meals or sent restaurant gift cards? Pretty awesome. Or, when we've been in a bind countless times for child care, and there are always friends ready and willing to lend a hand... priceless.

Even just last month, when my supervisor (who is probably one of the most genuinely kind-hearted people I have EVER known) brought a hot meal over the evening my Mom had surgery- just one less thing we had to think about. It's incredible.

Don't even get me started on the blog universe- like the unbelievable prayer movements, grief support, and work for causes for families such as the McKinneys, the Spohrs, the Smiths, and the Marshs'. Wow.

Recently, I've had the pleasure to see our community come together in a great way, although I am sorry for the circumstances. After giving birth to her second beautiful baby boy, one of my coworkers fell suddenly ill nearly two weeks ago, and has been hospitalized. They have found that she has a hemorrhage in her brain, and has suffered a stroke. She and her husband both teach at the primary school where I work, and it was amazing to see everyone jump into action.

Hours after the news was shared, there were sign-ups for child care and meals. There have been monetary donations and drives for supplies for the new baby. There are sign-ups to ensure that someone she knows is at the hospital at all times when her husband and extended family cannot be there. Her church family has stepped in to provide meals for the next several weeks. Yes!

This is how people are supposed to act. We are supposed to be generous and giving of ourselves, of our time, of our resources.

It's just refreshing to see things happening in actuality rather than in theory.

Please take a moment to visit the newly created blog documenting Sarah's story. Lift this family up in prayer and positive thoughts and leave some words of encouragement for them.

I cannot even imagine what they must be going through right now.

And let me be clear to all of you that when I offer help in some way, any way, it's genuine. I want to help. It's important for all of us to do our part.

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Whitney said...

This is a sweet post. I will definitely be visiting that blog! I'm so sorry about your friend!