May 11, 2010

Dancing Queen...

Saturday was a day that we had built up to with great anticipation.

Saturday marked Sassy's first dance recital.

She was excited.

Me, on the other hand... nervous as hell.

Sassy has a love/hate relationship with dance class. We had a very eager start to her dance career, followed by an emotional hiccup further explained here. But, we got a fresh start at Andover Dance Magic, and it has been, well, interesting to say the least.

Some days, Sassy is completely into it. Some days, she dances to the beat of her own drum. Some days, she is painfully shy and mortified that I ask her to get up and dance in front of people. On the worst occasions, she and her partner in crime (who happens to be a friend of hers and the daughter of my good friend, Renee) push the limits of Miss Tammy's patience to a whole new level. And, to top it off, they have strikingly similar names and go by the same nickname. In that regard, I guess it makes scolding the culprit a bit easier for the instructors!

So, needless to say, it was a complete toss of the dice as to whether Sassy was going to feel like performing with her class the day of the recital. Of course, when is it not when you are dealing with a bunch of three and four year-olds? If you ask me, that's what makes the recitals most enjoyable- the funny moments!

Still, I wanted her to do her best. The last thing I want is for my kid to drag anyone else down with her. But, hey... it happens on occasion!

Anyway, after her last dance class prior to the recital, we were given a makeup application lesson. We were shown exactly how to apply their makeup- plum shadow to the corner of their eyes, shimmer up to the brow bone, blush from apple to ear, and red matte lipstick.

Well, if you know me in real life, you will probably agree that I only wear makeup on very limited occasions. My mother is constantly telling me how pretty I would look if I just had a little mascara on and some eye shadow. Please. Like I have time for that. It does feel nice to get a little glammed up on occasion, but most days, you'll find my face makeup free. Moisturizer and chapstick medicated are my weapons of choice.

So, yes... I was the Mom out shopping the night prior to the recital for matte red lipstick. And waterproof mascara. We had fun during the makeup application. Sassy was so excited and she sat like an angel for me... really. I took to heart the lesson I was given. Ain't no such thing as too much blush. My little Sassy looked like a glamour princess!

Of course we had to take a few glamour shots. This picture cracks me up... her pose is just divine!

We took a few outside, as well, but unfortunately I did not realize that my lens was completely fogged up. Oops. This one's tolerable. I ♥ bokeh.

We had to be at rehearsal at 9:00 AM. Nana and Graycop stayed behind with Little A while we took Sassy to rehearsal. She performed pretty well. No major hiccups. The class remembered most of the routine. Good stuff.

Between rehearsal and the recital, Tyler and I took Sassy to HuHot for healthy chicken and broccoli stir-fry S'mores. For her, anyway. We picked up a few odds and ends at Super Target, and I reapplied Sassy's makeup in the family bathroom at the store. Who knew a store changing table would make such an excellent makeup station. Have no fear- Sassy practically weighs less than Little A, and I know these things support her just fine, so we were in the clear!

Sassy looked so gorgeous:

We arrived back to the school at 1:30, and Sassy was super excited! I thought she would be nervous to be left in the dressing room, but as soon as she saw Sissy and M, she was practically pushing me out the door. These two girls were in the Tuesday predance class, so they performed a different number.

It was so funny to see the girls all made up. What divas!

It also makes me laugh to see how much Sassy looks like a peanut compared to her friends. M is a bit older, but Sissy is only 3 months older than Sassy. And Bo Bo (aka Sassy's partner in crime) is actually 3 months younger than Sassy, but at least a head taller!

It was so fun to watch all the performances. We had several laughs. The theme of the show was An Afternoon of Tragedy & Comedy. Each number was either comedic or a bit darker. Sissy and M performed to "Henrietta's Hair" while Sassy and Bo Bo danced to "Nobody Understands Me". I found the song choice to be absolutely hilarious... very fitting for Sassy and any other emotionally forlorn toddler! Check out the lyrics here.

Sassy did great. She did, at one point, end up at the end of the row instead of just inside, but hey... look at that form! Even better- look at Bo Bo examining her hands with great detail during the number. HA!

After the finale, we all congregated into the hallway, congratulated our fabulous girls, and took some pictures. Of course Miss Sassy was showered with flowers and hugs and kisses! Divine!

Afterwards, we decided to head to an early Mother's Day strictly in honor of Sassy and her wonderful dancing celebration dinner at Outback!

And, as promised, Graycop took Sassy and Little A to Braum's later in the evening to celebrate her efforts!

Not exactly a calorie-conscience day, was it?

Ah, well...

Sassy, we are SO proud of you, sweetie!!


Here is a poor quality scan of a picture I dug up from one of my past dance recitals... may just have been my first. Pictured with my... my gorgeous cousin, Kelli. We rocked! Just like Sassy, I'm the short one... Kelli and I are only 4 months apart in age. Now I see where she gets it from. Enjoy:

Oh, and I will attempt to post the video as soon as I figure out what a firewire cable looks like.

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Randy said...

Strangely, after all these years the height gap has not changed one bit.

rduxler said...

I ordered what I hope is the appropriate firewire cable yesterday since apparently the USB cable I had WON'T work on our Mac. Crossing my fingers it works because we TOTALLY need to share the experience of that recital performance with everyone! ;)

Whitney said...

Soooo sweet! She looks absolutely gorgeous and I know she had to have had so much fun! It takes me back!

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

So cute!!! Love the pics! So glad it has turned out to be a better experience for her!