May 31, 2010

Matrimony & McDonald's...

Just a quick post with a few things we had fun doing last weekend... when, oh when will I ever be caught up to the here and now??

Last Saturday, a co-worker of mine was married. Jennifer & Nic had a beautiful ceremony at a private home in the Back Bay Boulevard area of Wichita followed by a reception at Gallery One-Nine.

Here are a few random pics from the pre-ceremony events:

Sassy and Little A definitely enjoyed the food and beverages while waiting to board the coach buses for the ceremony!

We spent the duration of the ceremony trying to keep Little A quiet. After the small number of fruit snacks I packed were long gone, I resorted to allowing Little A to play with my sunglasses and cell phone- she was hilarious!

Lucky for us, Sassy was completely enthralled with bugging the daylights out of sitting nicely with her preschool teacher, Mrs. B, and her daughter, Miss J!

Well, for most of the ceremony, anyway...

We got a blurry pic of the happy couple coming back down the aisle...

Sassy just had to sit up on the ledge for a quick picture on the way back to boarding the buses, in order to show off the rose petal she just had to have from the aisle...

We returned to the Executive Center for a pasta bar dinner... very nice! We ended up taking the girls outside to run around a bit, and so did everyone else who brought kids! For some reason, the climate control in the building was a bit off, and it was H-O-T.

Finally, it was time to head up to the 18th and 19th floors for the cake cutting and dancing! It was way past the girls bedtime at this point, but we had to stay long enough for cake, or we would have never heard the end of it...

Mommy and Little A took a quick self-portrait.

And, we were O-U-T.

All in all- wedding with 2 little ones- a huge success! Congrats Nic & Jennifer!

Sunday, we hosted a House Party Shrek 4 McDonald's party for some friends! We caught the earliest showing of Shrek 4, and headed to McDonald's for some lunch and to hand out all of the extra goodies we got from House Party. We had a great time. Thanks, House Party!!

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Sarah said...

Ooh, I must have missed applying for that house party, looks like fun!