August 30, 2010

A Berry Good Time!

The girls attended an adorable birthday party this weekend. Theme: Strawberry Shortcake.

Doesn't that just bring you back?

My friend Ragan was gracious enough to include Little A, too. Even though it was a "big girl" party at the spa. She was very thankful:

The girls had the nail salon all to themselves. Each girl got to choose their colors and have their fingers and toes dolled up. There was glitter. There were jewels. The girls were in heaven!

Miss A, the guest of honor, getting her nails painted. It's tough to be five these days:

Sassy, sitting like an old pro. She originally chose blue and coral paint to match her outfit, but soon changed her tune when she saw Bo-Bo's awesome pink and purple glitter patter-in.

Little A didn't quite know what to think. She really did well getting her fingers done, but was not so willing to let the girl paint her toes. She kept saying owie, which was a bit perplexing, so we skipped the glitter and topcoat and all that.

She was so stinkin' cute, though. If I do say so myself. Which I do.

Aside from the manicures and pedicures, each girl received an adorable reusable strawberry bag and a lip gloss. Needless to say, they were all pretty much ecstatic!

We all hopped into the car and headed to the birthday girl's Grandma's house for cake and presents. Miss A sat proudly at her throne:

And did a bang-up job on those candles!

Each of the girls left the party with a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book and some fine looking nails. It was so berry sweet!

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