May 27, 2011

Since Then...

One final catch-up post as we head off on our big trip...

So, after trivia weekend, things started to calm down just a smidgen.

I had a pretty busy work week.

Sassy's been having T-ball practices Tuesday and Thursday evenings. She's on the blue team for T-ball, too. The Cubs!! GREAT team name! I haven't had the opportunity to get out there and take any pictures yet. That time will come soon.

Last Friday was Tyler's birthday. My parents agreed to watch the kids so we could go out Friday night. We grabbed sushi and went and saw Water for Elephants... Ty's choice. I know, right? I had visions of being stuck at Thor, so I was pleasantly surprised by his selection. We both read and loved the book, so there's the background info.

As an aside, let me tell you this... I'm a Twilight fan and I've seen all the movies. I've never been gaga for Robert Pattinson like the rest of the crazies. {Sorry, Rob, if you're reading this...} OK, so back to Water for Elephants. O.M.G. He was hot. Like HOT hot. I mean, I would never fantasize about another man whilst sitting next to my husband in a movie theater or anything. But, seriously... mmmm mmm mmm. Yeah. Hot.

Saturday, Ty finished some side work for a friend and I took the girls to a birthday party for their friend, Miss M. She requested a robot themed party, and her Mama did a fantastic job!!

Here are a couple of pictures from before we left the house. It was gorgeous weather outside!

I was super happy that this shirt still fit Sassy this year- I love it on her!

Isn't Tink starting to look so grown up?

Like I said before, the party was adorable! Such cute decorations!

Miss M enjoyed opening her gifts...

The kids hit the mother load with treats- cake, cookies, AND ice cream!

Then, they went at the homemade robot pinata- SO cute!

Later Saturday night, we had a few family friends over for a BBQ to celebrate Ty's birthday. The kids had an absolute blast in the backyard!

We made s'mores like professionals...

We ate them like professionals, too...

We hope to have many, many more backyard BBQ's this summer!

In other news... I am pretty much a BLONDE!!!

No, really.

I almost always lighten up for the summer, but I figured I'd go BIG and BOLD this time for our trip. It's a pretty drastic change, my peeps. Let me remind you by way of a side-by-side... one from the BBQ Saturday and one with my new 'do.

Hmm... what else?

Sassy had her last day of preschool Tuesday.

She is a preschooler no longer.


Here are a couple of pictures from her last day of preschool:

She's grown up a lot this year...

So concludes my final post before D-Day tomorrow. Please send us prayers and good wishes for a safe trip and a smooth transition resulting in two happy little girls at home enjoying time with their Nana and Graycop. I have a little entertainment in store for you all while I'm gone, and I'll fill you all in on our trip in June! ♥

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Kendra said...

Can't believe Tyler agreed to see that movie! You lucked out! I asked Dave to see it and he said something about sticking a fork in his eye =)

LOVE the blonde!! So HOT!!

Can't wait to hear all about your trip!