August 1, 2011

Flying High...

Yes, for the record, Tyler arrived safely in North Carolina. He left Saturday morning, and drove all the way to Knoxville, Tennessee before stopping for some rest. He drove the rest of the way yesterday morning and found a place to settle in for a bit. He starts work this morning. Yep, I know. Whirlwind.

I'll inevitably cover the days leading up to his departure, but it may be slow going. I have to get used to this single parenting thing, after all. For now, enjoy this little recap.

So, while I was away on my super-exciting-though-full-of-guilt-for-leaving-home-when-my-husband-was-preparing-to-move-1145-miles-away float trip, Tyler and the girls enjoyed a little day of adventure together.

Tyler was recently awarded a 5-years-of-service incentive from Cessna (ironic, I know...) that included a flight over Wichita with the employees club. He was allowed to bring up to two guests, but the total weight limit was something like 300 pounds. HA! Well, since Tyler takes up about 73% of that capacity, you can imagine that his guest options were fairly limited.

Until he had the brilliant idea that he would take the girls with him.

I kid you not, I about flipped a lid when he merely suggested it.

Are you friggin' kidding me right now?

I've never made any qualms about the fact that I did NOT want him gallivanting around in any of these so-called planes he had a hand at designing, let alone one with MY CHILDREN aboard.


After a lot of convincing, some convictions from friends who thought I was being a tad bit overprotective, and my own sheer lack of will to keep arguing on the subject, I gave in.

Not happily.

But, nevertheless...

I was a nervous.freaking.wreck the entire morning, and I all but refused to go on the river until I knew they landed safe. Thank goodness they planned for the first flight of the morning.

Luckily for everyone in my float party, word came in while we were on our way to the river!

I had asked Tyler to take my DSLR with him since I didn't take it with me. I laughed when I returned home to find he had taken a whopping 12 pictures of their excursion. I would have likely taken about 742. HA!

I was pretty anxious to hear what the girls thought. Sassy has been on many a plane in her life, including to Cape Cod last summer, but to my recollection, Tink has only been once, and that was when she was about 4 months old. My memory could be failing me, but we've really relied more heavily on car travel when possible in the recent years.

I'm pretty sure they were both pretty excited!

I was nervous that they would be frightened, but Ty said they just laughed and laughed during take-off. The plane basically went up, over Wichita, south, and did a fly-over to show the girls our house, then returned back to the airport.

They thought it was pretty cool.

It was a great way to spend the morning, just the three of them, while Mommy was gone. The girls had a blast, and wrapped their adventure up with bike rides and frozen yogurt.

And I survived the painstaking fiasco.

Now look at that.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, no f-ing way.

Sarah said...

Did you not see my pics of the boys riding in a helicoptor with NO DOORS?! And I thought it was the coolest thing in the world for them! They have flown in small airplanes several times too-they're very safe! I'm happy for the girls!