August 26, 2011

On the First Day of School...

Considering today is day 10 of school, I thought it due time to discuss day 1 of school.

The days leading up to the first day of school turned out to be quite chaotic, in true SPH fashion. To our delight, Adam brought two of his buddies from England to our house for a couple-night stay on their way down to Dallas. It was so great seeing him again, and meeting some new lads, but oh, the timing... That's just the way it goes sometimes, isn't it?

I still wanted to make day 1 special! Sunday night, I packed Sassy her very first kindergarten lunch- a homemade lunchable, per request.

A cute little lunch, right in her way-too-mature-for-my-bitty-baby-kindergartner but completely self-chosen lunchbox. You guessed it... Monster High.

To my surprise, the girls actually went to sleep very willingly and stayed asleep. I had envisioned two mini-me chicas restless and wound-for-sound the night before a very big day!

It came as no surprise that the girls sprang out of bed like no one's business. I had warned Adam, Matt & Joe not to expect too much peace & quiet Monday morning, and I was pretty much correct in my assumption.

Poor fellas.

Nana & Graycop came over for a very special breakfast... bacon, heart toast w/ jam, and my world-famous scrambled cheese eggs. EPIC.

It was early, but the girls were bright-eyes and bushy-tailed. Tink was experiencing a bit of shell-shock, really...


Then, it was time for the portrait session casual picture-taking to commence. Lynzee teased that she bet I had backdrops and photography lamps set up in my front yard.

Not so, Lynzee.

The girls looked so, so adorable. I can say that. I am their mother.

Sassy was beyond excited for her school day to start!

And, definitely ready to show of her sass...

I {click} have {click} a {click} KINDERGARTNER {click}!!!

Seeing Tink with her cute little backpack was equally as bittersweet. On one hand, I am super excited that she is getting to be such a big girl and she is so excited to go to school like Sassy. On the other hand... HELLO... she's my baby. She still has chubby cheeks dimply knees and a whale spout. Sigh.

But, for me, it's better to live in the excitement than to dwell on the sadness. So, we did! Look at this cool chica, armed and ready for kindergarten...

LOOK OUT WORLD! Sassy is ready to SOAR!

We arrived at the school, and Tink was a little overwhelmed. There were a lot of kids and a LOT of parents, of course. But, nothing a little pep-talk from Graycop couldn't cure!

Self portrait x 2... Mommy and Tink, Mommy and Sassy. Missing our Daddy.

We walked the girls into the gym to find their lines. It helped immensely that Tink already knew her teacher well! We ♥ Mrs. B!!!

The girls, walking int heir lines to class. Sassy: doing what kindergartners do...

Not a tear was shed. Not one.single.tear. I almost felt guilty for not being more emotional. Aren't you supposed to cry when you send your kids off to kindergarten? I was emotional, for sure. But, I think the excitement of seeing Sassy and Tink off on these new journeys outweighed any sadness I was feeling.

There is nothing more special than two beautiful girls, ready to take on the road ahead of them, believing anything is within their reach and anything is attainable.


I snapped a picture of Sassy and Mrs. S right after school, because I didn't have the chance to in the morning. Both of the girls LOVED their first days and their teachers and their classmates and their classrooms.

To celebrate our wild and crazy day, we went with Adam & friends to Chipotle for dinner {thank goodness for that request rather than a home-cooked meal- HA!}, which left only one logical thing to do...


Here's to a wonderful school year!

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Sherry said...

Congrats on TWO school-aged girls! They looked adorable on their first day, sorry your husband had to miss it. :( And what a good looking breakfast, my mouth is watering and it's only 3pm! I wished my mom woulda made such a fuss about my first day of school, ha!

Mama KG said...

So, so sweet and so exciting for them! I'm sure Daddy was very missed, but rock on, mama! What a special day you made it for them!!