August 6, 2011

Leading Up...

So, Tyler spent his last day at Cessna on Wednesday, and had Thursday & Friday available to spend with us before he headed to North Carolina. We got a little surprise, however, when he was allowed to leave work way earlier on Wednesday than any of us thought.

The girls and I were up in Wichita at a play date when Ty called to let us know he was finished with work. We decided to meet up in town and get a few important things done while we had the chance.

First, we met Lynzee and her family up at Kwan Court for sushi (& Chinese buffet for the kiddos). Next, we decided that since Tyler was missing out on most of the beginning of school activities, we would all go shopping together for school supplies and some back-to-school clothes before he left. And, that's just what we did.

Aside- has anyone noticed that the price of clothing is really going up? Or is it just me? Hmmm...

Sassy and Tink were excited to pick out a few fall things at the mall, and Tyler took the girls into Justice to choose a Webkinz to "remember him by" and sleep with while he was gone. Sassy chose a polar bear. Tink chose an aardvark. Yeah. Anyway, the girls also bought Ty a polar bear to take with him to North Carolina, which has proven to be an awesome idea, since Ty will occasionally take pictures on his phone of the polar bear at different places and send them to the girls.

I meant to take pictures of our day. Really, I did. But, I just wasn't feeling it much. So, really I didn't.

We stopped off at Nana & Graycop's apartment, and Sassy decided she wanted to stay the night there, so she did. I did take a couple of shots of us with Tink on the front porch before we headed inside...

Hey, don't judge. We'd been out running around all day in the 8 billion degree heat. Or something.

I know this little girl is sure missing her Daddy right now. ♥

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