August 16, 2011


I've only done this a couple of times before, but I couldn't help myself from entering this week's I ♥ Faces weekly photo challenge, Beautiful Eyes.

There are millions of reasons I love both of my girls, and thousands of ways I think they are just absolutely beautiful little people. And my little Tink has a killer set of eyes. They are ice blue and appear very textured with dark navy rings rimming her irises. I adore her eyes.

So, I found it a bit odd, as rich of an eye color she has, to find myself gravitating towards a black & white photo to enter here today. This photo, though, is one of my favorites I've ever taken of her. Her eyes, although lacking their normal hue, are striking and piercing and, like the old adage, windows right into her little sweet soul. I love this photo. I love my girl. All 3 years minus 2 days of her. ♥

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4 sweet tweets:

Kathy said...

this is a beautiful picture! Her eyes are striking! I can tell een through the b and w ....great entry!

photography by Caron said...

such a serious fae for a little one

n8 and Aubrey said...

so raw. Very striking and surprising.

Jacqueline Williams said...

i love the photo journalistic style of this BW processing, the low light feel of it throughout the whole photo EXCEPT for those bright, beautiful, dramatic eyes. REALLY draws me in. I'm going to venture a guess and say this is going to be a top ten this week!:)