August 18, 2011

The Seaweed Is Always Greener...

While Tink is officially celebrating her third birthday TODAY, we thought it best to celebrate her birthday last Saturday while we had the chance to do something pretty special.

It's funny how things work out sometimes.

Before Tyler even thought about leaving for North Carolina, we had discussed several options for Tink's 3rd birthday party. I really wanted to do something a bit more intimate this year. Last year's watermelon affair was a blast, but something a bit quieter sounded really pleasant!

Some time later, my friend Micki clued me in that The Music Theater of Wichita was doing The Little Mermaid for their final show of the season, and they put on a little kid-friendly matinee Saturday afternoon. They also hosted Under the Sea, an interactive meet'n'greet, prior to the show for an additional fee.

So, after a few short conversations, I decided to buy tickets for all the girls- myself, Sassy, Tink, Nana, Lynzee, LMB, and LuLu, and that we would meet up with the guys in the evening for a BBQ. So, it really worked out perfectly, once we found out Tyler was for sure leaving, that we didn't have a) a huge party to deal with or b) a ticket for him to attend the shows.

There really wasn't entirely too much prep for this party, besides securing our tickets (thankfully) well in advance. The show opened to such phenomenal reviews that many sessions including ours sold out! I did enlist my friend Erin to make us some sugar cookies, and they turned out amazing. For now, this is something she does on the side for fun, and she is super reasonable! Keep her in mind for all your bakery needs. ♥

Tyler also helped me assemble a little goody bag project, which you can take a peak at in a minute.

My parents bought Tink a new birthday dress and lobster purse from Gymboree's Cape Cod Cutie line, and gifted her first thing in the morning. She looked SO adorable. I had planned ahead and purchased Sassy a coordinating outfit for the special day!

Even with the sunglasses on Sassy, I can't get over how much these two are looking alike lately!

It was an early start for all, but the girls were chomping at the bit to get the day started. especially Tink. She was one stylin' sista!

Once we arrived at Century II, we were led into a basement area. There were tables set up, several set pieces on display, and some interactive game stations. The girls started off by "fishing" for a prize.

Next, they got to try on some costume pieces and try out the Crustacean Band instruments. Very cool!

The girls chatted up with this sea creature, who identified himself an an eel, promising to be evil in the show, but nice in real life. And, he sure was. All the characters were so gracious about talking with the girls, giving them the time to ask questions, and learning and calling them by name. I was super impressed.

Some more exploring took place...

Then, it was time for juice, goldfish, and swedish fish.

And, we waited in line to be photographed with none other than the sea princess herself, Ariel. Or, Adewlewla, as Tink calls her. That doesn't get old. Ever. Not even once.

Here are the awful quality scans of the picture keepsakes we received. Photos by JW Fritchman. They're great in person, honest.

The girls adored mingling with the mermaids. Can you tell?

I didn't think I was ever going to be able to pry Tink away from her new friends. She talked their ears off, and they listened like good little sea creatures.

The girls were pretty much in awe. They loved it. Tink sat with this seagull dude for a long time. What I wouldn't give to hear what she was telling him all about...

The Under the Sea event was impressive. Definitely worth the price of admission! Afterwards, my Mom and I looked after the girls out front while Lynzee rounded up the van. We played a rousing rendition of Simon Sebastian Says.

And, it was off to a "fancy" lunch at Bella Luna. The girls were excited to go to a "grown-up" restaurant, and everyone was very well-behaved. After lunch, we sang to Miss Tink and enjoyed our cookies!

Tink was so excited to blow out her candle and dig in...

Pretty sure the sugar cookies were a HUGE success!

Next, Tink handed out her goody bags. I bought small purple totes, lime green tulle, and turquoise sequined trim at Hobby Lobby, and instructed Tyler on how I wanted them sewn. He's the man at the sewing machine. At least by our household's standards. HA! Then, I filled the bags with candy, Bonne Bell chap stick, seashell necklaces, bracelets, princess wands, and some other random goodies.

I think they turned out pretty cute!

Oh, and no Under the Sea birthday party goody bag is complete without some magic mermaid dust...

After lunch, we stopped off at Pink Saloon to buy some (ahem...) more Tiny Toms. Then, it was back to Century II for the show!

The show was phenomenal. Right up there with any major production I have ever seen, and I've seen several. Love, love, LOVED it. All of it. Of course, no photography was allowed inside, but the maestro granted permission to download and use their facebook-released photos, so I will share a few...

The acting was great.

The set was great.

The costumes were a-mazing.

The singing & dancing was superb...

What a great show! Lynzee and I lamented that we wished we could go back the following day sans kiddos (sold out). Keep up the great work, Music Theater of Wichita!

As if the day wasn't exciting enough, we decided to entend the party to a little family-friend BBQ with our firepit Friday crew (thanks, Lisa!) Nana and Graycop ordered this lovely cupcake cake for Tink...

We ate, the kids played, we chatted, sang Happy Birthday again, snarfed down some cupcakes, sat by the fire, and watched The Little Mermaid on "the big screen", i.e. projected onto the house...

What a perfect ending to a perfect day. ♥

2 sweet tweets:

Sherry said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tink! Her special day looks like so much fun, the show looked great! Those cookies were adorable and so was that cupcake cake, yummy!!

Wayne Bryan said...

We are so happy that Tink and her chums had a special day that included us. We are very appreciative of your kind comments, and I just shared them with the folks at Disney. We all appreciate your taking the time to write about your experiences "Under the Sea," and maybe we'll get to see you at "HONK!" next year. Thanks so much. Wayne Bryan, Producing Artistic Director for Music Theatre of Wichita, and director of THE LITTLE MERMAID.