December 19, 2008

Christmas Part VII

We did it, we did it, we did it, yeah! We exchanged our gifts amongst each other a bit early. We are leaving for Chicago Tuesday, so we figured Monday night was out due to last minute packing and preparation. We have a super busy weekend, so we just went ahead and did it.

Sassy was SO excited. I kid you not, she opened every single present, regardless of who was the recipient amongst the four of us. She wouldn't even let Ty or I open any for ourselves. She was very good about being excited for Little A about her gifts. I was impressed, actually. She was happy for what Little A got, which was nice to see.

Sassy loved her new backpack and her Tinkerbell stuff. She wanted to take a bath right away so that she could put on her new Tinkerbell jammies and watch the DVD with her new doll. The photo book I made her was also a big hit (thanks, Oprah)! She thought it was beyond cool that she was the main character of the story, and that her friends and family were in there. Both Sassy and Little A got cute monogrammed hooded towels, which they needed. Both girls got a new outfit. Both got a book. Sassy got some new princess jammies. Little A got a stuffed peacock toy for her car seat.

Ty and I did well, too. I got a great charm necklace from the girls- I will post a picture as soon as I get a chance to take one. I got some perfume, the new Tess Gerritsen book, The new JK Rowling story, a couple of shirts, and some Wallflowers. Ty got a new book, passport wallet, and swim trunks for his cruise. He also got a sweater and shirt, an air compressor, a charging station for his dresser, and a jogging stroller blanket so he can take Sassy in the winter.

Not going to lie- I do think Sassy was a bit disappointed in regards to the general lack of toys and other playthings. Almost as soon as we were finished, she assured me that she would be getting more gifts at Nana's house. I laughed and reminded her that Santa had yet to visit, also. He, graciousness is a learning process, right?

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