December 7, 2008

Christmas Part II

We attended Ty's department Christmas party yesterday. This is the first time since he has worked at Cessna that they have done something like this, and it was really nice to meet some of the people he talks about all the time and have them see the girls, etc. It was located at The Museum of World Treasures, which we had not been to yet. It was reminiscent of The Field Museum, on a very small scale. The had some dinosaurs and other fossils, some Egyptian artifacts, a lot of historical documents, a "Hall of Presidents"... things like that. Sassy enjoyed running around and playing with the other kids. We mingled for the first our and had some appetizers, and then we checked out the museum for a wort while. Due to the timing, the girls skipped their afternoon naps, so Little A had about had it, and we didn't stay long. Despite that, we had a nice time as a family!

Sassy all grown up with her "coffee cup":

Little A, cute as can be:

Sassy and her one true love:

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