December 12, 2008

Christmas, Parts V and VI

The festivities continue... this week we had two special Christmas events. Tuesday night was the Parents As Teachers Christmas dinner and visit with Santa. PAT provided soup and chili, and each family brought a side dish or dessert to share. Sassy enjoyed sitting on Santa's lap again, and Little A got to be held by Santa this time, too. Each kid received a goodie bag filled with educational toys- a tennis ball, play doh, a whistle and a book.

Last night, Sassy's preschool had their Christmas program. Each classroom went up on stage and performed 3 songs. Sassy's class sang "Jesus Was his Name-O", "Away in the Manger", and one other song that has slipped my mind. It was a riot watching all the little kids up there. Sassy did not sing a word of the first two songs, but for "Away in the Manger", she seemed to sing a bit and do all of the choreography. Too cute! I didn't get any good pictures during the program, but here are a couple before we left the house:

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Tricia said...

Your blog is super cute. Your girls are always so well dressed. They are too cute. Little A looks like you. My daughter looks like my husband and when people try to tell me otherwise I know they are lying. you can check out baby C at