December 15, 2008

Sassy Says, Part I

These are the things Sassy has already told me this morning:
--"Mommy, my dwagon scared away the monsters yestewday"
--"You need to clean my room... it's messy"
--"I want some pancakes... in a bowl... my don't want sywiup, though"
--"Can I watch Box and the Hound? Can I, can I, can I?"
--"Turn on the lights! It's dark out!" (Meaning the Christmas tree lights... and it's NOT so dark)
--"When Daddy gets home, we'll haf some fun. Can we do somefing fun?"
--"I want a story... the piggie one. Can you tell me a story?"
--"Let's sing a song. How 'bout Twinkle Little Star? Sing, Mommy!"
--"Say Bless you, Mommy. I sneezed."

I am already tired, and it is 9:30. Sassy has been awake approximately 20 minutes. Only 720 to go before bedtime. I wonder what she'll come up with next!

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