December 2, 2008

--She's Stuck--

She hadn't been awake more than 2 hours on our first morning home, and Sassy managed to get herself into quite the predicament. We were sitting in the basement, the three of us. I was in the recliner feeding Little A and Sassy was up to no good. She was pulling out all her puzzles without intention of reassembling them. She dumped a huge wipes container of crayons (half of them broken) onto the carpet and proceeded to peel the paper off one by one, leaving a trail as she went. She just couldn't find a toy interesting enough to occupy that little brain of hers.

So, she went over by the stairs and stood inside her Parents brand drum. The drum is clear, hard plastic that holds several other musical instruments inside for storage. I told her she was being silly, and she laughed and laughed. She thought it was hilarious that she was standing inside her drum. Then, sooner than any one of us could blink, she managed to sit/slide/squat inside the drum. She was packed in there like a little stink rat. She laughed and said, "I stuck, Mommy". I said, "You're a silly goose. Stand up and come over by Mommy." She said, "I can't Mommy, I stuck." She really didn't budge.

I set Little A down and went over to do some investigating. Yeah, she was stuck. Like... stuck. I lifted her by the hands and the entire drum unit left the ground. I tried to hold down her knees and get her back to straighten out. Nope. She was wedged in there. Plus, she had her little legs crossed, so she didn't even have the leg strength to push off and try to get up that much. After a few moments of this, I started to get a little panicky. I mean, seriously, I couldn't get her out of the darned thing. I told her to sit still ( if she had an option) and I ran to get the phone and call Tyler. Of course, he thought it was HI-LARIOUS. I began to find the humor in the situation a little, especially because Sassy remained completely calm. I told her to talk to Daddy and tell him what she did. Here are some shots of her stuck in the drum and on the phone with Ty:

Finally, he talked me through how to geometrically, 'engineerically' remove her from the drum and with a twist, turn, and pop, she was out. By this time, Sassy was a little upset and all she wanted from Mommy was to, "hold you". So, after some holding, cuddling, hugs, and kisses, she decided it would be best to point out her battle wounds to myself and the camera:

My personal guess is that she won't be attempting to sit in her drum any longer. That's not to say that the drawer of her dresser or the bin in her toy box or the little space under the couch won't somehow appeal to her...

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