December 20, 2008

Christmas Part VIII

Last night, we went to one of our favorite hot spots in Wichita- nothing like a little bit of Friday night-life. We went to the Wichita Children's Theatre & Dance Company's production of The Gingerbread Man, part of the "Once Upon a Time Series" geared toward the 8 and under crowd. We love going to these plays. They do approximately a show a month during the colder months and then 4-5 different shows during the picnic series over the summer. We had Sassy's first birthday party with them, and we have been going ever since.

For the Friday night show, they serve pizza and pop, and there is always a little craft or activity for the kids to do relating to the show. Last night, of course, the kids got to color little gingerbread men. We had a fun time. Even Little A enjoyed herself. This was actually the first time we have been since she was born, so she did great for her first show. Many of the regular actors were back after taking some time off over the summer, so I was happy about that. I would say that they group of 4 that were in last night's show are my favorites! Very entertaining- we ♥ WCTDC!

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