December 4, 2008

She Ate the Yellow One

I picked Sassy up from preschool today, and she insisted on holding her revered artwork in her car seat. The masterpiece consisted of an uppercase and lowercase letter "C" decorated with various foam stickers. It was beautiful and fabulous!

So, we are driving along and I, although I know I shouldn't, was on my phone with Miranda. Now, a couple of things happen when you are on the phone and driving simultaneously. Markedly, the insane ability to drown out any and all ramblings uttered by your two-year-old. Well, almost any and all... Suddenly, I hear Sassy exclaim, "I ate the yellow one!". I stopped mid-sentence and swung my head back, exorcist style. "You WHAT?," I ask. "I ate the yellow one, I ate the yellow one," she replies in song. "I gotta go, Miranda," I say.

Why is it that I cannot find any pertinent information when I google "dangers of ingesting foam stickers"?? Stupid Internet...

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