December 2, 2008

... And Home Again

Back to KS... ahh! I never thought I'd utter that statement, but it is SO nice to be home again! Our Chicago trip was nice. It was great to spend time with the fam and have everyone meet Little A. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving feast thanks to Aunt Kath and Uncle Rick- one of the best I can remember in years!

We made the most of our visit, running back and forth to the city 3 days in a row for visits, plus a trip to Rockford, so needless to say, I would rather not see the inside of a vehicle for any extended period of time in a long, long while. We drove through the night on the trip there, totalling 13 hours. The trip home was spent during the day, equaling 15 1/2 hours. It's so give and take- you either drive through the night peacefully while the kids sleep but zombie-like and in fear of falling asleep. Or, you drive during the day and stop 15 times, provide 100 snacks, and listen to Alice in Wonderland three times... in a row... I'm not sure which is worse. All I have to say is "You're Welcome family of mine"!!

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